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Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria

catering in nigeria

If you want to plan your event, there are really good catering companies out there to contact. Here in this post is a list of 10 best catering companies in Nigeria, you should look them up in the paragraphs below.  In no particular order, here are the top catering companies you can contact to take […]

Origin of Catering Craft/ Hotel Industry in Nigeria

catering in nigeria

The history of catering and hotel industry in Nigeria can be traced back to Nigerian Railway Caterers under the management of Mr. Roberts Forth who operated catering services on Nigerian railway cabins consisting basically of restaurant and bar. He did not run this service for long. It was on the 10th of May that the […]

Introduction To Catering Craft Practice & Types

catering in nigeria

Catering is the service of providing food and drinks in a conducive environment (Hotel management) for a particular set of people at special events and at specific times. Catering as a professional has gained popularity as it serves as a means of livelihood to some people across the country and also a source of revenue […]

Catering Establishment: Types & Functions

catering in nigeria

This can be classified into two categories, they are: Commercial catering Welfare catering or non-commercial catering Commercial Catering Their main goal is to make profit and get returns on the invested capital. They may be owned by government or individuals. Customers may patronize any as they are paying for the service rendered. Examples are Hotel […]