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Types & Methods of Cooking

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Cooking is the preparation of food in readiness for eating, using heat to render tissues palatable, digestible attractive and safe for consumption. Reasons Why do we need to cook our food To aid digestion and make it easier to swallow. To provide variety of food to be eaten. To sterilize the food item and making […]

Glossary of Culinary Terms And Their Meanings

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Definition Culinary terms are a list of some cuisine and service terms written in French because it was in France that cuisine terms were developed and codified. Glossary of culinary terms and their meanings ABATS: This refers to meat offals, like heart, head, liver, kidney etc ABATIS DE VOLAILLE: This refers to poultry offals (e.g. […]

First Aid: Definition, Aims & Contents of First Aid Box

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First aid is the immediately or emergency treatment given to a sick or injured person before seeking medical attention or is been taking to the hospital. Accident does not respect anyone. It can occur at home, at school, at work, in the office, in the church, on the road, anywhere, anyhow and to anyone. Whatever […]

Safety Procedures In Catering Establishment: Kitchen Accident

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Students should be able to: Define safety and kitchen accident. Know the various types of accidents that occurs in the kitchen. Identify causes, prevention of kitchen accidents. Introduction The word Safety is derived from French word, (sauf), meaning the state of being “safe” the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, […]

Bed: Definition & Types of beds


Introduction A bed can be defined as a piece of furniture or location primarily used as a place to rest, relax, nap or sleep. A bed is a piece of furniture used as a place to sleep or relax. Most modern beds consist of a mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting either […]

Housekeeping Personnel: Categories Explained

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Housekeeping staff can be divided into three categories: Managerial: Executive housekeeper, Head housekeeper. Supervisory: Assistant housekeeper, floor housekeeper, linen room supervisor, public area supervisor, and so on. The unskilled: Cleaners, porter, valet, florist, tailor. Executive Housekeeper/ Director Of Housekeeping The executive housekeeper reports to the general manager, or the resident manager, or the room division […]

The Housekeeping Department: Importance & Responsibilities

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The aim of all hospitality establishments is to provide their customers with clean, attractive, comfortable and welcoming surroundings that offer value for money. Nothing sends a stronger message than cleanliness in a hospitality operation. No level of service, friendliness or glamour can equal the sensation a guest has upon entering a spotless, tidy, and conveniently […]

Classification of Hotels

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Hotels are classified based on location, size and property, length of stay, theme and target market. Classification of Hotels Based on Location 1. City Centre: Generally located in the heart of the city within a short distance from business centers, shopping arcade. The rates are normally high due to their location advantages. 2. Motels: They […]

Relationship Between Hospitality Industry And Catering

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The term “hospitality” refers to the cordial, generous, reception and entertainment of guests or strangers either socially or commercially. Hospitality industry is also a broad category or field within the service industry that includes lodging, events planning, theme, parks transportation, cuisine line and additional field with the tourism industry. Indians are known all over the […]

Hotel Rating: All You Need Know

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Hotel rating is used to classify hotels according to their quality. The rating may be done in a different way by different organizations around the world. Some system use “star” rating while mobile travel guide, launched its star rating system in 1957 as “AAA” and their affiliate bodies use “diamond” as against “star” to depict […]