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Cost of Catering Services For Weddings in Nigeria (2023)

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Catering services are a crucial aspect of any event in Nigeria, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event. However, the cost of these services can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. In this blog post, we will discuss the factors that affect the cost of catering services in Nigeria, as […]

How to Make Greek Yoghurt in Nigeria

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Greek yogurt is a rich, creamy, and flavor-packed variation of the common pasteurized milk. The absence of whey in Greek yogurt concentrates flavor and is the only distinction that differentiates it from “regular” yogurt brands. Thankfully, making homemade Greek yogurt seems to be quite easy and practically foolproof. To try it out, this article will […]

Best Culinary Schools in Ibadan: Full List + Location

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The importance of attending a culinary school can’t be underestimated if you must be a caterer. Learning to cook in a recognized culinary school exposes you to people who share your interests in cooking. These schools allow you to learn from some of the best and most experienced chefs in the country, many of whom […]

Top 10 Best Event Centres in Lagos & Rental Prices (2023)

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Are you looking for a hall for rent in Lagos? Do you want to know the price of hiring a wedding hall in any top event centres in Lagos state? This post covers it all. An event center is a spacious venue or a building, used and maintained for occasions such as weddings, fashion shows, […]

Top Best Catering Schools in Lagos: Fee & Location

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Cooking isn’t as easy as most people think as you would have to put in the right ingredient to prepare a good meal. One would need to attend a catering school to train him or her on preparing various continental dishes, make it delicious and give one the right professional backing in becoming a chef. […]

Cost of Starting a Restaurant in Nigeria (June, 2023)

Food Restaurant Business in Nigeria

One of the businesses in Nigeria that is constantly birthing millionaires is food restaurant business. This is because, there is always a need for people to eat food. Single men and women, especially working class, find a restaurant as the best option for eating in a schedule tight day. If you have passion for a […]

Nutritional Value Of Beverages


Beverages are fluids apart from water, consumed both as stimulants and also because they are palatable. They  also have nutritional value and benefits. They may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic e.g. milk, tea, coffee, wine, beer, fruit juices and fruit drinks. Tea, coffee, fruit juices and drinks are non-alcoholic while beer, spirits and wine are alcoholic. […]

How To Prepare Tapioca (Recipe & Procedure)


Tapioca is extracted from cassava root whose botanical name is Manihot esculenta. Over the years, Tapioca recipe has always remained the same and we shall explore its procedure in this article as well as reeling out its health benefits. Tapioca pudding is mainly carbohydrate with low saturated fat, sodium and protein. This white starchy extract […]

Kitchen Accidents: Types, Causes & Prevention


Definition of kitchen Accident: Accidents can be defined as unpleasant events that happen unexpectedly causing injury to individuals and damage to property in the kitchen or destruction of lives. Types of Kitchen Accidents A catering establishment could experience accidents due to any of the following: fire, faulty electrical installation, human error or mistake, wrong mechanical […]

Bill Presentation & Types of Billing Methods

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The guest’s order is written by the waiter in the docket (or jotter). The first and second courses are written in one page while the dessert is recorded on another page. The cashier makes sure everything is entered on the duplicate copy of the food and drink check then adds up the prices on the […]