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What You Should Know Before You Set Up A Blog

I am not a professional blogger, but I have experiences which I can share with my fellow bloggers and my readers who want to engage in this painful but sweet profession called “blogging”. I know I just scared you with the notion painful but sweet profession but the deal is this- If you are a […]

Here’s How to Make Money Using Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media platform created by Mark Zuckerberg for linking with people all around the world. Facebook allows us to chat, upload pictures, share moments, like, comment and do all sorts of things but what if I tell you that you can make money on Facebook without any capital. This secret […]

How To Create A Blog In Nigeria (Simplfied)

Blogging in Nigeria has now become common these days as people create a blog site for many reasons. Most foreign writers would advise that you must have the passion to blog before you start the blogging journey. Nigerian writers would quickly jump into the conclusion that the sole reason for having a blog or creating […]