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This contains information on approved banks operating in Nigeria.

Salary Structure of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria (2023)

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To know how much Microfinance banks pay in Nigeria as monthly salary, one must be aware that there is a disparity between what an entry level staff earns at any commercial bank to what one earns as a staff of a microfinance bank. Even if both are financial institutions, there functions differs as is with […]

Top 10 Best Digital Banks in Nigeria (2023)

best digital banks in Nigeria

Having your money or valuables put in any of the best banks in Nigeria to open an account is good but would you prefer to conduct your financial transactions in a more convenient manner? You may simply conduct banking transactions online without visiting a conventional bank with digital banks. The provision of banking services via […]

FCMB Salary Structure: How Much Does FCMB Pay Staff (2023)


One of several top financial institutions in Nigeria is First City Monument Bank. As such, we will look at how much this bank pay their employees in the country. Those who are interested in working for FCMB will find the information in this post useful in determining how much the FCMB pays its employees as […]

How To Make Complaint Against A Bank In Nigeria (2023)

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If you have had your money deducted from your account for no reason or your funds reduced outlandishly, then no need to panic. Moreover,  if your bank isn’t taking the case serious and wouldn’t resolve the issue, you can opt to making a complaint to the higher authority. This should be addressed to the Central […]

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates of Banks in Nigeria (2023)


Nigerian banks fixed deposit rates differs from one bank to the other. Fixed deposit is a large sum of money deposited with a bank for an agreed period in exchange for interest after investment. We have listed the best top banks in Nigeria with their various interest rate for you to compare and make your […]

How To Make Transactions Into Domiciliary Account In Nigeria (2023)


If you are an individual or business person who sends and receives funds from outside the country, you must know how sending and receiving money into a domiciliary account in Nigeria works. With the restrictions and ban on Nigerians on e-payment solutions like PayPal, the need to make and receive payments in a foreign currency […]

Top Best Banks for Opening Current Account in Nigeria (2023)


The best banks in Nigeria to open various types of accounts are few. The need to open a current bank account is important for people who withdraw, deposit and carry out large numbers of transactions regularly with the bank. You should also be aware that a the amount that current account can carry in Nigeria […]

Polaris Bank Salary Structure: How Much Staff Earns (2023)

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Polaris bank is one of the notable commercial banks in Nigeria. This bank was formerly known as Skye bank until it was eventually renamed few years ago. When considering the salary structure of Polaris bank workers, it’s much like what is obtained at other banks. The bank salary scale is structured according to the hierarchy […]

Top 10 Best Mortgage Banks in Nigeria (2023)

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Mortgage banks are the preferred financial institution for people who intend on purchasing their own property, most especially real estate and houses. The need of the services of mortgage banks is imperative to attaining this. In response to the quest for top banks that offers this service, this write-up will provide the list of top […]

The Maximum Amount A Savings Account Can Hold in Nigeria (2023)


A savings account is a bank account where you can deposit and store your money while earning some interest on your balance. While the interest you get is determined by the amount of funds you have in the account, a lot of people may be inquisitive on the limit of money that a savings account […]