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Top 10 Largest Rubber Producing States in Nigeria

rubber producing states in Nigeria

With Nigeria being presently the second largest producer of natural rubber in Africa, it’s certainly the contribution of the producing states that makes the country reach this feat.  Rubber is basically an essential agricultural products and cash crop that has a lot of uses. The availability of the raw material in Nigeria has make the […]

Top 10 Best Universities To Study Agriculture in Nigeria (2023)

best universities to study agriculture in Nigeria

Agriculture is not a hard course to study. It is one of the most lucrative courses where one can become self employed even without the B.Sc. degree certificate in Agriculture. No wonder, most students in Nigerian universities prefer to build a career in Agriculture. It is quite a long term course offered by majority of […]

How To Export Palm Oil From Nigeria: A Detailed Guide (2023)

palm oil producing states in Nigeria

Palm oil is very demanding in both local and international markets. It has resulted to a lot of business thriving in this industry. The demand for palm kernel oil and it products will continue to increase due to the fact that they are used for commercial, home and even industrial purposes. With a lot of […]

Where to Buy Yam in Wholesale in Nigeria (2023)


Are you looking for places where you can buy yam in wholesale prices in Nigeria, then this post provides you with valid information on that. In Nigeria, yam is an essential commodity in the market. This agricultural produce is in great stock in most parts of the country. The availability of this produce has made […]

Vegetation Zones in Nigeria And Their Characteristics

vegetations in Nigeria

The different vegetation zones in Nigeria is greatly influenced by the varying climatic conditions across the country. From the north down to the southern part of the country, there are distinguishing temperature changes, atmospheric conditions, and other geographical factors which brings about these variation in vegetation. Nigeria’s vegetation is very disparate and each accompanied with […]

Top 10 Largest Palm Oil Producing States in Nigeria (2023)

palm oil producing states in Nigeria

A recent survey report showed that Nigeria produces palm oil in commercial quantities and contributes 7% of the total output in the world. With this significant figure, there are some states that contributes greatly to this feat. Though palm oil is produced in more than half of the states in the country, but these ten […]

Top 10 Largest Cocoa Producing States in Nigeria (2023)

cocoa producing states in nigeria

Cocoa is an important commercial cash crop which is very significant to Nigeria economy. During the 1950s – 1960s, the crop was the major contributor to the country’s foreign exchange revenue. And as at present, it is the leading agricultural export of the country.  Nigeria, being one of the leading producers of cocoa in the […]

Irish Potato Farming in Nigeria: Guide on How To Start (2023)


In this post, we will go through the step by step process on how to farm Irish potatoes in Nigeria. Presently, Nigeria is the eighth largest producer of Irish potatoes in Africa and her yield is about 843,000 tonnes but her consumption of these potatoes in our dear country is over 1 million tonnes. This […]

Full List of Agricultural Extension Programmes in Nigeria (2023)

agricultural crops in nigeria

In this writeup, we will examine the various agricultural extension programs in Nigeria, their objectives and how they impact the agriculture sector. Agricultural extension is basically the study and practice of agriculture through logical research and gathering of new information and initiatives. This field is extensively about agricultural practices and it incorporates a more extensive […]

Water Melon Farming in Nigeria: Guide on How To Start (2023)


Watermelon farming in Nigeria: step by step guide on how to farm water melon conveniently in Nigeria today. Watermelon is one of the nutritious crops out there. This crop which has come to be accepted as a fruit is packed with enormous health benefits. It is loaded with nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, iron, folic […]