Canadian Visa Application Procedures & Requirements

The official method on how to apply for a Canadian visa in Nigeria, procedures and requirements to travel to Canada is contained at length in this write-up.


You should be aware that the process of applying for a Canada visa in Nigeria yourself at the embassy is usually a stressful process, but we have made it easy as long as you can follow the procedures below step by step, you should have no problem.

1. Validate your eligibility

There are some conditions you must meet before you can be allowed to visit Canada. these conditions include:

  • Being an owner of a valid international passport
  • Being able to convince the Canadian immigration officer at the embassy that you have a family, assets, a job, businesses that you own and must attend to here in Nigeria after your stay in Canada
  • Possess a medical report showing that you are of sound health of mind and body
  • You are financially capable to take care of yourself when you stay in Canada
  • You correctly have all documents required to be submitted at the Visa application center and have fulfilled all possible requirements.
  • The completed application to be submitted must contain the barcode page.

There are some things that can prevent you from being granted a Canadian visa. You must try your best not to be found wanting in any of these thing that won’t allow you visit Canada.

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If you have violated the law by being convicted of a crime against humanity, if you have any serious health issue, chronic financial problems, have an ineligible family member following you to Canada or you lied during the interview or in your application and you are caught, your visa application would be denied you.

Be aware that there are various types of visas, so you would have to decide on which you are applying for; a temporary resident visa, student visa, or work permit before completing your visa application form and submitting it to the appropriate authority.


2. Fill the Visa Application Form correctly

We have outlined two ways to complete your application form easily:

First method is to fill the form online (Click here to fill it). Here, you are expected to scan some certain documents into electronic copies and upload them to the website. You should also have a valid credit card for making the necessary payments.

I would advise you to use this second option which is recommended for Nigerians. You are expected to fill the form manually by downloading the instruction guide and Temporary Resident Visa application forms here easily.

The downloaded instruction guide has all the information you need that will walk you through the process of completing your application form successfully without issues.

3. Fill the VFS consent form correctly

Before you complete the form, first download the VFS consent form (Click here to quickly download in .pdf). Please fill this form correctly and attach it and your application form together.

Truth is, your application will be returned to you if you don’t have this form signed, filled correctly and properly attached.

4. Pay the Visa application fees

To pay the required visa processing fees and the biometric fees (Click here for details), visit the Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC).

You would have to pay in person using cash at the bank counter in the CVAC when submitting your application.

The center is currently located at No 16, Billings way, Oregun Industrial area, Ikeja, Lagos.  An additional $39.82 (N15000) service charge at the CVAC may be required of you.

5. Submit your application package

This should be done at the Canada Visa Application Center. You are to submit your application form, the required documents, proof of payment of your visa processing and biometric fees. Note that visa applications are accepted on Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 3pm.

You would be required also to give your biometrics at the visa application center.

You will be issued receipts once you pay the required fees. It’s in one of the receipts where you will find a unique tracking number that you will use in tracking the status of your application online.

6. Track your application you submitted

The next step is to track the status of your application using the unique tracking number as seen in your receipt on this page.  A temporary resident visa to Canada takes approximately 14 days to process, so you have to wait for two weeks.

7. Submit your passport as requested

After receiving a notification from the Government of Canada requesting your passport which is usually in a letter format, you should submit your passport and the request letter received either by yourself at the CVAC or through courier to the CVAC address as written above.

You will be expected to pay passport transmission service charge of $31.86 at any GTBank counter to these account details provided below:

  • Account number: 0109515451 (still recheck at the GT Bank Customer Service)

Be aware that you will also submit payment for passport transmission along with the passport. After verification, your passport will be forwarded to The Deputy High Commission of Canada, Lagos.

If you want your passport to be mailed back to you once it’s ready, you would have to add a self-addressed courier return envelope along with your passport when sending it to the CVAC.

8. Go and retrieve your passport

As soon as your passport is verified, you will be notified to retrieve it. Its best you pick up the passport yourself or send a self-addressed courier return envelope with your request letter and passport.


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