Best Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants in Nigeria

Top 8 Best Retirement Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants

Business Ideas in NigeriaHave you ever thought of life after civil service. After spending 35 years in service what would happen when you retire after collecting your gratuity?. There are a lot of good business ideas for civil servants after retirement that you can do in Nigeria. You only need to open your eyes to the various business opportunities around you and avail yourself the opportunity of being a successful entrepreneur using any of the various business ideas for retired civil servants in this article.

Starting any of these lucrative business ideas does not require much capital but diligence on your part. Below are small business ideas you can start up as a civil servant in Nigeria that requires little or no capital:

1. Cake Production

People celebrate birthdays, weddings on a daily or weekly basis. You can also tap out of this business idea of producing cakes. Even some civil servants who are still in service engage in cake production on a part-time basis. All you need do is to learn how to bake different varieties of cakes. Make contact with people and advertise your cake business because cake baking is always in demand and requires less energy and capital.

2. Tutoring

This business idea works better for retired teachers. You can start a tutoring service in your area. If you are good in various subjects, you can opt to teach children in your neighborhood, especially those who are preparing for their exams. The main thing here is to have a good knowledge of various school subjects like mathematics, English language or even a special skill like weaving, tailoring e.t.c.

3. Poultry Farming Business

Poultry farming business in Nigeria┬áis also a lucrative business idea you can also engage in as a retiree. Most people haven’t tapped out from the benefits of establishing a poultry farm as a business in Nigeria and so you can be that person. Carry out your research before you start off. Poultry business is also a profitable venture that requires less capital for civil servants that are retired.

4. Repairing service

Are you talented in repairing and fixing gadgets, electronic appliances or other devices, then you can leverage the opportunity to make a lot of money from it. You have to advertise your knowledge and skill. Most people prefer retired civil servants who know how to repair and fix things because of their wealth of experience in that field.

5. Recharge Card Business

In Nigeria, the demand to buy and load recharge card has always been on the increase since the introduction of mobile devices in the country. You can also avail yourself the opportunity of starting your own recharge card business as a retired civil servant in Nigeria. You can also print the voucher yourself, if you do not want to sell and this type of retirement business idea requires less capital to start.

6. Writing and Blogging

Blogging is another good and very lucrative business idea you can start as a retired civil servant in Nigeria if you can write what people are searching for. Blogging is an online business of making public your ideas of a particular subject or niche through the world wide web. To learn more on how to create a blog and earn money from it, there are many resources online you could check out.

7. Event planning service

One thing I love about becoming an event planner is that you work on a contract basis. If you are good in decorating weddings, burial venues, ceremonies e.t.c, then you should grab this business opportunity because it is very profitable for a retiree as most of the events are done during weekends.

8. Freelancing

If you cannot handle the stress of running a blog but know how to write, then I suggest you freelance. There are number of sites that pay well for freelancers who can write unique quality articles. Just harness your writing skill as a freelancer and make money from it when you retire.

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