Top 10 Best Business Ideas for Immigrants in Canada (2024)

Are you considering moving to Canada and wondering what kind of businesses are open to immigrants? We’ll discuss the top small businesses and services you can render in this article so you can start earning money as soon as you arrive in Canada. A study visa is the best choice, unless you are utilizing a work visa that allows you to stay for 5 years.

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For the purpose of being able to work 20 hours a week, you can apply for undergraduate or graduate study. Running your business will be simpler if you have a dependent because they are not restricted in how long they may work. They are able to work more frequently and for longer hours. You must decide on the type of business structure you wish to use before launching a business as an immigrant in Canada.

Do you wish to start a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship?

Conditions for Opening a Business in Canada

Here are the steps you must take before opening a business in Canada, whether you are a citizen or an immigrant.

Obtain the Necessary Funds

You need money before you can launch a business as an immigrant in Canada. You will need money to start a business in order to buy some products or equipment, depending on the type of business and its size. Prior to moving forward with the business, it is crucial that you have the necessary funds on hand.

Gather all Necessary Documents

Depending on the type of business you intend to start in Canada, you may need to obtain a variety of permits and licenses. To avoid being sued, you must obtain these documents before you begin.

Register Your Business

No of their organizational setup, all firms must register online with the Canadian Revenue Agency. To register your business, the required details, including the business name and legal form, must be submitted.

Setup a Canadian Business Account

Canada is a developed nation, and its people are very tech savvy. As a Canadian business owner, you must open a business account that clients can use to make payments in case they prefer not to pay in cash. Having a bank account for your company gives you the impression that you are a professional, well-intentioned businessperson.

Top 10 Best Business Ideas for Immigrants in Canada

The business opportunities for immigrants in Canada are listed below.

Cleaning Business

One of the top businesses for immigrants in Canada is the cleaning business. This is so since the business is straightforward and simple to launch. Before beginning to clean, you do not need to acquire any experience, nor do you need to purchase all the necessary cleaning supplies. If there is a need, you can start cleaning your friends’ and neighbours’ flats right away with a few pieces of equipment.

All you have to do is utilize Whatsapp to advertise the business to your family and friends and other social media platforms. It’s critical to understand that in this industry, feedback matters. Since you are in the service business, you must ascertain whether your clients are satisfied with your work after the fact.

If they are happy, they will gladly market your cleaning company for you without requesting a discount. You can start with cleaning homes and offices, and as time passes, expand to other cleaning tasks.

Event Planning Business

The most popular area of event planning, while there are many others, is wedding planning. You can organize the wedding and earn compensated even if there are only 50 people. To organize events for people, you don’t necessary need a degree. All you have to do is educate yourself. You may get started by reading everything you need to know about being an event planner.

Your expertise level and negotiating skills will determine how much money you may expect to make as an event planner in Canada each year. The event organizing industry is a great business opportunity for immigrants in Canada because it is low-risk and requires little startup money.

Beauty and Barber Shop Business

Before you can begin, this business demands a well-taught expertise. You need to know how to create hair, make wigs, or cut hair to open a beauty salon or barbershop in Canada. Your professionalism in this service-providing industry will set you apart, therefore you should educate yourself first before taking a risk.

Depending on where you are, you can research this business before moving to Canada or after you’ve already arrived. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that learning after moving to Canada is more expensive. To start a business, you would require a lot of money unless you are into home delivery and service of hair products. Before you can start, you need this money to rent a shop and to purchase the necessary tools and supplies.

Repair and Maintenance Business

Are you skilled at fixing electronic devices? Device flaws can be found and fixed, bringing them back to full functionality. For you, this is another best business in Canada you can go into as an immigrant. By offering home services, an immigrant might launch this business.

Making flyers to advertise your company online and offline is all you need to do to have customers calling when they need your services. It doesn’t matter if you reside in a town or a city. Customers that want you to assist them in fixing their equipment will still come to you.

House Painting Business

The house painting business is one of the simplest ventures an immigrant to Canada can launch easily. Even though this business does not have the same level of popularity as other service industries, specialists can nevertheless make good money in this field.

You must learn how to paint homes unless you already possess this expertise from the country from which you are originally. Although you can learn this ability for free through a variety of media, the web is the most accessible. You can gradually increase your clientele base by offering a limited number of painting services.

Clothing Business

Clothing business is one of the best business for immigrants that involves buying and selling. Before you can start the business, no skill is necessary. Another excellent business that immigrants can start in Canada is this one because it doesn’t need a lot of startup money or space. Even selling can be done from home if you are adept at web marketing.

You can sell your clothes on a variety of internet venues. Poshmark, ThredUp, and Shopify are a few examples. Additionally, if you are a student, you can let your classmates know. Any logistics (delivery) company in your area can help you get the garments to your consumers when orders are placed.

Delivery Business

In Canada, delivery (courier) companies are successful enterprises, particularly if you live in a metropolis. Many businesses choose to use delivery services to transport their items rather than doing it themselves because of the large distances and tall structures.

You need a dependable vehicle, a driver’s license, insurance, and other necessary paperwork to launch a delivery service business. Delivery drivers in Canada can earn up to $20.80 per hour.

Catering Business

The people who need the services of catering companies are those who organize birthday parties, weddings, and other types of occasions. If you can prepare a variety of cuisines, you can open your own catering company in Canada as an immigrant. All you need to do is purchase your cooking supplies and establish contacts with local event organizers.

Automotive Repair Business

The auto repair industry is currently one of the most lucrative in Canada. Because so many people use mechanical and electric vehicles, these vehicles occasionally develop issues from wear and tear. You can establish an auto repair business and earn money by fixing cars if you are an expert mechanic.

Driving School Business

In Canada, the yearly salary for a driving instructor is up to $40,275. Particularly in urban places like Toronto, there is a greater need for drivers. Due to this, the driving school industry is profitable in certain cities. You need a car and a license to establish a driving school business in Canada.


It may be a terrific opportunity to relocate to Canada. Starting a business or working a blue-collar job can offer good financial rewards. In Canada, there are still more profitable business opportunities to be found. Keep checking the blog for more developments.

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