Buhari’s World Tour: An Opportunity That Comes Once In A Life Time

Rewind back some few months ago during the election campaign that saw Buhari mount the throne of Nigeria and you would quickly be carried away by the sweet melody of promises raining out the mouth of president Buhari and the APC.

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Touring the world

His supporters sang the “Sai Baba Sai Buhari” anthem. They believed he would be the Moses that would lead them into the promised land. He had raised the hopes of all Nigerians that he would deliver as soon as he seats down on the hot seat.

Despite loud cries of the current opposition, PDP to Nigerians on the true nature of Buhari, APC through the campaign team quickly remixed the past leadership of Buhari when he was operating under a militarian system of government and played on the intelligence of Nigerians who were not born at that time that the president is a saint in the making, promising Nigerians “CHANGE”. they even nicknamed him “the Abraham Lincon” of Nigeria. The only problem was that they never specified the kind of change we would expect.

Promises like we would make N1 equal to $1, We will release the chibok girls under two weeks of assuming power, we would pay the unemployed youths N5,000, one meal per day and the story goes. All these were the stories of six months ago. Fast foward the music and now the president and his team are singing a different tune.

Nigerians are now beginning to get impatient with the current leadership. Some are singing the “had I known music”. Well, on the presidents part, he is touring the world when Nigeria is at a stand still. Nothing is moving, economy is now worse than before, fuel is scarce, Naira and dollar can’t hug, unemployment has increased, Boko haram is still bombing, biafrans are protesting, no electrical supply, no single road has been constructed, Chibok girls are not yet found (that is if they were even missing) and the list is endless.


The only story that the president sang which he is doing one lopsidedly is the “I will fight kwaraption”, which is targeted at some select persons why the bulk of master stroke corrupt men soak the same garri with the president everyday. it is so sad as to how the promise and fail syndrome still manifests in this present age.

APC, because they now occupy power, are now removing everything PDP from the surface of Nigeria through the judiciary, tribunal and they believe it is fair for democracy. They should not forget that everyday isn’t Christmas and they cannot be in power forever.


The president was right when he said he belonged to everybody and he belonged to nobody. Till then, President buhari who knows everybody and nobody is having a nice time touring the world when the country is in pain, knowing fully well it is an opportunity that might not come his way again.

We got what  we voted for so lets enjoy it while it last “CHANGE”




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