Buhari’s One Year Anniversary in Office: Are Nigerians Happy?

Today marks exactly one year that President Muhammadu Buhari APC led government mounted the throne as Nigeria’s president after defeating former president Jonathan and the PDP in what was a historical election.

With all the campaign promises , What is your assessment on Buhari’s government so far? Did you get the “change” you expected?

change 1

change 2

change 3

Will you also vote the APC for a second term in office in 2019?



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  1. Obinwanne

    The worse president Nigeria has ever hard in his history with a school certificate what good can come out of hime fork buhari fork APC

  2. Please Obinwanne, air your views without using vulgar language, thanks.

  3. Michael Etim Essien

    I wish to say a big congratulations to Mr President for marking a successful one year in office.To God be the Glory!!! Congratulations to Mt President for putting an end to devilish Islamic group boko haram.I wish him more strength and wisdom to govern right and listen to all constructive criticisms and not being partisan but serve his people with love and diligence. I want the President to a;so focus deeply on Nigeria foreign missions to see if those appointed to represent are doing the right thing and if the none-diplomatic personnel and staff working with are taking good care of. N/B The people of Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State are crying for help from Federal Government to come for their rescue following land demarcation. God bless Mr President, God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. Congratulations!!!

  4. Chima Chigozie

    The worst administration so far. Promises very far from fulfilment.

    They wont even try it in 2019 even if the leave broom and Carry parker.

  5. yakubu ikekhua

    Since 1984 we,ve not fight corruption way again.this is why all Nigerians must give support to APC gorvernment.BY 2019 all agents of share the money will still be dissappointed.

    1. Enoise

      Do you think the man buhari is fighting corruption? Please I will want you to think hard and have a very close look of what buhari is doing. Bros look at apc many of them are former pdp. Some of them were pdp for about 17 years now they’re in apc they’re not corrupt. Some of them spend their state money for buhari to get there. No one of the former pdp that are apc today are corrupt.

  6. christian Ikechukwu Emmanuel

    Every big disapointment to nigerians

  7. Nigerian

    The biggest fraud of the century

  8. I danced like a drunk man despite d fact that I don’t take alchohol the day Buhari won.Unfortunately,it is turnin out to be a dance of shame as against dat of joy.A congo of rice sold @ 600naira,ike oda garri sold @600naira and yet increase in fuel price……..take home income of struggling Nigerianz pegged @ 18,000naira and below.Can our leaders tink?

  9. you cant tell now lets see the end of it.

  10. Umar

    Absolutely I ll give APC my support

  11. Umar

    President Buhari is tested and trusted.Carry go

  12. ahmad

    Please Nigerians this not a proper time to justify because we are on process we cannot jump into conclusion, lets give him chance and the outcome will be good.

  13. samuel

    I have realized that Nigerians are fools.how can somebody who told us that there is nothing like subsidy in Jonathan time paid for subsidy,how can he promised to sell fuel at #45 only to increase it to #145,all promises during elections he has cancelled it and we are still supporting him.where is the integrity, where is the moral.am so disappointed that even the food that did not increased all through Jonathan time even during seasons has gallop now.Nigerians think

  14. Baby Clement

    It’s time for Nigeria to have Northern and Southern Nigeria. This is the only thing that can bring peace to the Northeners. Then they can continue to govern themselves forever with their resources, not stealing from the southern resources to govern and profit for themselves and depriving the south of their God given resources to propagate allah. Enough of the old men in Nigeria politics changing gloves/ uniforms from military to civilian leaders. Military leaders have the mind set of force, therefore cannot be effective in civil administration. The name Biafra is overlord and it brings bad and terrible memories to the heart and soul of any well meaning Nigerian. The name (Biafra) should be thrown out of the Nigerian dictionary. If southerner can be as united as northerners then Nigeria will be a happy, healthy and vibrant country for the world. How many northerners migrate to other countries each year basically none compared to southern migration. Let us not continue to deceive ourselves and playing the blame game on northern rule. Rise up southerners and clsim your freedom from the calamities perpetrated by British colonist against Nigeria.

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