Best Tecno Phones in Nigeria 2019: Prices & Specs

If you are planning to buy a new phone, then there are lots of things to put into consideration before proceeding to purchase the phone. A lot of people lay more emphasis on specs such as camera quality. This is mainly considered by selfie addicts.

I mean, people who will always take snapshots on every of their outing and outfits. Some people lay more emphasis of other phone specs such as brand, processor speed, storage, battery life and price.

In this article, our brand-of-focus will be the tecno phones. We shall highlight the best tecno phones that are currently selling in Nigeria with their prices including their specifications.

Tecno Phantom 6

Released in 2016, tecno phantom 6 is a master stroke from tecno. It really fits the Nigerian market. Many market players in Nigeria sells this phone at N100,000 to N125,000 naira. The price may seem to be on the high side, but I can say without doubts that this ohone is worth the price.


It has a 3gb RAM, 32gb ROM and a 2.1 Ghz deca-core mediaTek Helio processor. Users of this phone are guaranteed of smooth, colourful and clear images. The phone has a 21MP camera for both front and rear cameras.

The 4000mAh battery can keep power in the phone for over 8hours talk-time. The framework of this phone is very catchy. The screen display is about 5.5″, this makes it possible for users to use it for several purposes. The price range for Tecno phantom 6 is #75,000 – #98,000.


Tecno L8

Tecno L8 was released by tecno in the month of april 2016. Its battery is rated 5000mAh. This device very popular among the trendy Nigerian users. It has a 1gb RAM and a 16gb ROM.

Another amazing specs of this phone is its picture quality. Users of this phone can install any made-for-android application as the phone operates on Android 5.1 HiOS operating system. The price in Nigeria ranges from #25,000 – #35,000.

Tecno L9/L9 plus

The tecno L9 series makes use of the android 7.0 operating system. Both the L9 and L9plus have a battery rated 5000mAh. It has a run time of over 48 hours. In fact, this phone should be nick-named “power box” for its amazing battery life.


It has a functionality that allows it to be used to charge other phones. This amazing tecno product has a good blend of powerful battery and amazing specs. Both the front (5MP) and rear (13MP) cameras are great with flash lights.

The pictures are clear, bold and very colourful. Another amazing specs in this phone is the memory. It has a 2gb RAM and a 16gb ROM. It has a large metallic framework with a display screen of about 6.0″. It has the fingerprint scanner. The price of Tecno L9 is #40,000 to #50,000.

Tecno L8 plus

Tecno L8 plus is one of the most popular tecno brands in Nigeria. It is a masterpiece from tecno.This product is a slight upgrade on tecno L8. It is a great fit for heavy phone users as the battery is strong enough to perform multiple tasks for a long time.

With a 2gb internal phone memory, the phone navigation speed is amazing. The battery of tecno L8 plus is rated 5000mAh. The price for Tecno L8 plus is #40,000 – #55,000.

Tecno i7

This powerful device fits into the areas of need of Nigerian phone users. The problematic electric power issues in the country makes it pertinent for users to go for phones with high battery rating. Tecno i7 is one of such phones. Its battery is rated 4000mAh and can maintain power for over 20hours on full charge and heavy usage. The battery attains full charge within one hour of charging.

Infact, a 5 minute charging is enough to keep the battery running for one hour. The phone has amazing front and rare cameras with flash lights. It is not wring if I say that this phone is made for selfies as the from camera has been stepped to have a 16MP camera while the rare camera has 13MP.

This phones ensures that your phone gallery is stuffed with colourful and professional looking pictures. Price of Tecnno i5 is put at #75,000 – #120,000.

Tecno L6

This is one of the most portable and friendly tecno phones in the market. Indeed, it is the first to cross the 4000mAh mark. It has a multipurpose frame work and can fit into the taste of many users.


The phone has a 8gb ROM, 1gb RAM, 4000mAh battery and 8+2MP camera. As for the processor speed tecno L6 has a 1.3GHz Quad core. Although outdated, the price is  between #30,000 and #45,000.

Tecno Phantom 6+

This is not just an upgrade on tecno phantom 6, but an updated version. They are sold at almost the same price, but tecno phantom 6+ stands tall in the RAM and ROM sizes. It has a 4gb RAM size, a 64gb ROM and an amazing frame work.

Best Tecno Phones in Nigeria 2018: Prices & Specs

It is one of the 4G enabled phones that are currently trending in the country. Its simply amazing. Users of this phone can operate the phone for over 10hours standby. Its battery is rated 4,050mAh, the same battery power rating with phantom 6. The price of this device ranges from #80,000 – #100,000.

Wrapping Up

Some tecno brands may have very strong battery life but other specs are poor and vice versa. Some have good camera and poor processor speed, etc. We only considered the brands with good blends of strong battery life and other amazing specs. This list is not in any order, it is simply a mix of the very best.

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