Best Primary Schools in Lagos and Abuja

16 Best Primary Schools Located in Lagos & Abuja

There are a lot of schools that offer both primary and secondary education in Nigeria, we would focus on 10 of these primary schools which are regarded as the best and are located in Lagos and Abuja, respectively.

Although, most of these private primary schools are expensive, you cannot but admire the way they teach their pupils. When you see the way students of these top schools speak, you would be amazed at the quality of education that these primary institutions of learning offers. They also have educational facilities to make learning for your kids a wonderful experience.

Are you looking for the best primary school in Lagos or Abuja that provides quality education to take your children to? This post will provide you with 10 top schools located in Lagos or Abuja that you can choose from.

List of Best Primary Schools in Abuja & Lagos

  1. American International School, Lagos (AISL)
  2. American International School, Abuja (AISA)
  3. Greensprings School (Lagos)
  4. University of Lagos Women Society School (Lagos)
  5. Lead British International School (Abuja)
  6. Grange School (Lagos)
  7. Centagon School (Abuja)
  8. Loral International School (Lagos)
  9. Christ Assembly Primary School(Lagos)
  10. Children’s International School (Lagos)
  11. ADRAO International School (Lagos)
  12. Regent British School (Abuja)
  13. PaceSetters Academy (Abuja)
  14. Lagos State Model Primary School (Lagos)
  15. Nigerian Turkish International College (Abuja)
  16. ST Saviours School (Lagos)
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