8 Best Institutions Offering Safety Courses in Nigeria (2023)

Safety courses are very vital for all entry-level workers in an organization. It is advisable that employers should train his/her members of staff on safety procedures to help ensure prevention of health hazard and the implementation of these safety courses when necessary.


The reason for this is to ensure proper occupational health of the environmental protection of the employee. No wonder, organizations in Nigeria make health and safety training compulsory for every staff or better still, have its members of staff have such training at recognized institutions that offer these safety courses and present their safety certificates at the interview. Even before you become a professional engineer, you have to be trained in health and safety aspect of your field.

This article will list top 8 best accredited and approved institutions in Nigeria that offer safety related courses.

Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN)

They are without question the best institute that offers safety professional courses in Nigeria today. Founded in 1980, ISPN has built a strong reputation as a HSE provider over the years. They also offer certificates to their students after the training.


This is another approved institution in Nigeria that offers safety courses in Nigeria. They have collaboration with other top foreign international institutes abroad which helps boost their presence as a leading provider in professional safety training.

They have a consultant centre in Lagos and where they provide health and safety courses like IOSH Managing Safely and International General Certificate course to any willing individual, organisation or group of people.

International Competency Certification Center (ICCE)

This institution offer their courses and training at affordable rates. As a CIEH certified and approved institute, some of the courses and programme they provide includes: trainings in Industry Health, Safety & Environment. They also offer programs on Health Safety for Directors, Mangers, Staff, and NEBOSH


If you are looking for an organization that can train oil and gas staff members on health and safety in oil & gas industry, LONADEK is a good option as they also teach workers how to keep the work environment safe to ensure smooth adaptation.

SGS Nigeria

They offer programs and seminars at affordable rates and are one the best institutions that offer safety courses in Nigeria.


Over the years, OilTrain has been at the forefront as a leading oil & gas training schools in Nigeria. A host of corporate organizations in the oil & gas industry have benefited from the expertise of these institution over the years. Courses offered at Oil Training institute includes Health, NEBOSH, Safety and Environment, management courses which can help expand the expertise, knowledge and professionalism of their students in the oil and gas industry.

Hybrid Consulting Ltd

This is another institution accredited and approved by CIEH and one Nigeria’s leading health and safety training institutions that is approved. Through their various trainings, they help organizations prevent losses due to occupational health hazard and to help them promote security and environmental safety.

SkillEdge Consulting Limited

This is another reliable accredited health and safety training institution in Nigeria that have been around for quite. They train their clients on various aspects of health and safety.

The above are the best in the country currently. You might also be wondering what sectors in Nigeria where health and safety training is very vital. These sectors include: energy, power, telecommunication industry, oil & gas, construction industries, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, consulting firms, NGOs, aviation industries and technology companies.

Below are some of the courses these institutions offer

  • Investigation, recording and reporting of health and safety incidents
  • Health and safety foundations
  • Organizing for health and safety
  • Work equipment hazard and control
  • Risk assessment
  • Setting policy for health and safety
  • Principles of control in health and safety
  • Monitoring, review and audit of health and safety performance
  • Movement of people and vehicles
  • Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  • Hazard and control
  • Manual and mechanical handling of hazard and control

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  1. Comment:I want to enroll on a safety training course

    1. Its very neccessary and can be used to get a very high paying job

  2. Is our safety course recognised outside Nigeria? Or can you get a job outside Nigeria with the safety course you did here in Nigeria… Which is the best and sellable safety course to do…

    1. HSE, BOSIET just to mention but aa few. sometimes it is, sometimes its not

  3. Please am interested but I don’t know how to start it. I just finished my first degree program in the university and I study Radiography. Please can I apply. If yes, how do I get started.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You can visit any of these institutions that offer these safety courses and they will guide you on what to do.

  4. Hi Valentine,
    Hope you are doing great. We would like to guide you with international HSE programs that are internationally recognized and certified. The certifications are awarded by NEBOSH, IOSH, AHA, HABC, PECB and we are an international training centre located in Bahrain accredited by these awarding bodies. We would be happy to guide you and train you online with the required HSE courses. We assure you that you will have a great learning experience with our industry experts trainers and support you during your learning phase. Please send in your details and queries here and we will get back.

    1. Good afternoon… Please can I get you contact to speak or chat with you directly, so I can be guided in HSE field… My name is Kelvin Udoka

  5. Hello, please what are the requirements i need to register for the HSE training.

  6. I heard about an Institute called PIRSI, and I need to know if it is an accredited center for H.S.E. training. It’s located in Port Harcourt.

  7. What are the institute that offer these training programme for health safety and environment (HSE).
    Someone should help me of those institutes Name’s and their location
    Thanks you.

  8. Please im a graduate of 2021 session in Benin Republic, please where about lagos can i get a qaulified training center on Nebosh and Ushering safety courses?

  9. Kasetima Ayiba Nentui

    How do I enrol for the program please?

  10. Uduak Michael Ossom

    Hello, please which of the safety courses can i merge with my degree, i study guidance and counselling in the university…and where in lagos can i get a qualify safety training centre.
    Thank you.

  11. Very good article and good for the people of Nigeria to study the course here instead of traveling abroad

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