Best Glo Data Plan for Android Phones and Tablets

Glo Nigeria like other telecommunication Networks in Nigeria has affordable data plan for their subscribers. So if you have a Glo SIM and you are looking for the best Glo data plan to subscribe for your Android phone or tablet, then this post if for you.

Please note that to enjoy this Glo data plan, you have to be certain that Glo Nigeria’s 3G signal is strong in your area or their 4LTE if your Android Phone or Tablet supports it.

As of writing this post, the best data plan for Glo for Android devices is  the 4.5GB data plan which runs 24/7 and valid for 30 days. It cost N2,500 only. To subscribe to this special plan, text “58” to 127, or dial *127*58#.

Other Glo Data Plans for Android Phones in Nigeria

The cheapest Glo data plans that work for Android phones and tablets in Nigeria are currently listed under Glo Overload bonus package.

Here is the list of plans under the package:

  • N2,000 plan: gives you 2GB of data (to subscribe, text “55” to 127, or dial *127*55#)
  • N3,000 plan: gives you 4.5GB of data (to subscribe, text “54” to 127, or dial *127*54#)
  • N2,500 plan (So Special): gives you 4.5GB of data (to subscribe, text “58” to 127, or dial *127*58#)
  • N5,000 plan: gives you 12GB of data (to subscribe, text “11” to 127, or dial *127*11#)
  • N8,000 plan: gives you 24GB of data (to subscribe, text “12” to 127, or dial *127*12#)
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As soon as the Glo Overload promo expires, the plans might be reversed by GLO to their former data caps, Below are the old Glo data plans:

  • N2,000 plan: 640MB of data
  • N3,000 plan:5GB of data
  • N5,000 plan: 4GB of data
  • N8,000 plan: 8GB of data

Additional Codes on information about Glo data plans

  • To verify whether the promo is still on, text “MENU” to 127.
  • To check your data bundle balance, text “INFO” to 127.
  • To cancel your subscription to any Glo data plan, text “CANCEL” to 127.




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