10 Best Game Companies In Nigeria (2023)

Nigeria is already overrun with foreign goods, thus the idea of game development is rather new there. The nation’s gaming development business, though, is only now starting to take off. The industry has rapidly expanded and now generates a staggering $180 million in annual sales. They are now Africa’s second-largest market as a result. The majority of game production companies don’t just create games for local markets. Experience has demonstrated that there is a higher demand for locally produced video games abroad.

game development companies in Nigeria

The number of gaming development firms in Nigeria has increased from a few to a little over a half-dozen. The top 10 gaming development firms in the country will be discussed in this article.


Do you want to know where to find the best games? Here is the list of the top 10 gaming firms in Nigeria.


Gamsole is first on our ranking of the best game developers in Nigeria. Abiola Olaniran started this Nigerian video game production firm. The goal of the developer was to make engaging, amusing, and exciting games that are simple to use for all types of users, regardless of age. The creator’s company is having a major impact on the Nigerian gaming market. Gamsole has the ability to draw in millions of players from all around the world. It has been estimated that more than 3 million players worldwide are addicted to the game-play. More than one million downloads have been made by this company thus far, both inside and outside of Nigeria. Olaniran is now Nigeria’s highest-paid software engineer because to the company’s stellar achievement.


Maliyo gaming development company is presumably viewed as Nigeria’s first gaming development firm. Hugo Obi is the organization’s brains behind the scenes. It was established in 2012 and has been operational ever since. Games like “Aboki Run,” “Okada Ride,” and “Whot King” were created by Maliyo with a focus on the local culture. Since Maliyo Games was created to run on the cloud, they have input from contributors on more than five continents. They have selected and divided up the roles of their contributors depending on their qualifications and work ethics. Maliyo Games is prospering and have a lot of their games available in application store.


Bisonplay has put all of its resources toward producing amazing, addictive games for local consumption. They are well-known because of the video game Mr. Okada. A destitute motorcycle driver named Mr. Okada struggles to make money in Lagos. The hectic way of life in Lagos has been incorporated into the game. It shows a lookout for better opportunities and a better life. The game is famous because it captures the essence of the African way of life so beautifully. Even players who are unfamiliar with the scenario would be able to understand the premise behind Bisonplay’s game.


African gamers are emphasized when using content by the Kuluya game production company. The game company has been able to reach the African market through their variety of games. Kuluya aspires to rank among the continent’s top media conglomerates. There are over 100 games, but only a small number are mobile-friendly on their official website. The four games Oga at the top, Masai, Msitu Wars, and Matatu appear to be among Kuluya’s best works.


Techline Communications is a multifaceted business that provides a variety of digital services. The offerings encompass game application development, software development, web design, and project management. They aid individuals in reaching over 40 million consumers with their brands or goods. Techline has a talent for assisting independent app developers get their work out there and find their target market. When a developer lacks the necessary platform to advertise their products, they take care of the marketing.


Genii Games Limited is an African video game company dedicated to enculturating the African youngster. It produces engaging web videos and highly interactive mobile apps for children to learn about African cultures. Their Asa apps are accessible on a variety of mobile operating systems. Additionally, they have a game app called Yoruba 101 that is available on the Google Play Store and has received over 10,000 installations and a rating of 4.7. This software uses a number of pre-programmed courses and games to make learning the fundamentals of Yoruba language simple.


SimplyFun initially focused on creating kid-friendly board games having been founded in 2004. They made the decision to introduce a new range of family-friendly instructional games in 2008. These activities immediately assisted parents in observing a difference in their children’s lives. The stories that preschoolers created were met with laughter. Kids in elementary school understood the appeal of math. Furthermore, children with disabilities flourished and used play to showcase their talents. This game startup is committed to teaching youngsters without taking away their ability to play. More than 200 honors from prestigious play, education, and parenting organizations have been given to SimplyFun.


Chopup has developed a number of games that are very relevant to the people of Nigeria using their tremendous creative talents in mobile apps. Through their games, they tell a story about Africa. They consistently provide top-notch mobile games, which has sparked the growth of well-known titles like Monkey Post and Danfo. In a comparatively short amount of time, Danfo, for example, has been able to draw a user base of over 700,000 gamers.


Yinka Iyanolakan started the Nigerian mobile game firm Yinola. The developer produces a variety of contents, including movies, games, and application-based solutions. Most people know this firm through the video game Anointed: The Chronicles of Laftu. The video game Animated Chronicles of Laftu has a strong biblical theme. The game has received numerous installations and a staggering 4.8 rating on the Google Play Store. If you enjoy playing games, you may check it out on Google Play.


Gameplus Limited is a dedicated video gaming firm that takes pleasure in providing family-friendly, kid-friendly, and secure entertainment for all ages. Gameplus Limited offers a cutting-edge and modern video gaming experience as a source of pleasure and amusement.


Nigeria is likely the best African nations for the production of video games. There is still a ton of room for young minds and newcomers to build a name for themselves in the industry. The sector is expanding quickly. Young adults and teenagers’ increasing access to cutting-edge technology is promoting this increase. The best gaming development companies in the country were highlighted in this article.

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