Best App For Downloading YouTube Videos/Movies Online on Your Phone

Downloading movies or videos from YouTube on your smartphone might be a daunting task. Although, we wrote a post on how to easily download YouTube videos online on phone and computer, this write will provide you with information on the best app to download YouTube videos online on your Android phones and Tablets.


Although, there are some Internet browsers that supports downloading videos online from YouTube, the reason these applications on Google play store for downloading YouTube videos were developed was to make video downloading easy for Android users who would love to have videos from YouTube saved on their mobile devices as some Internet browsers don’t support these feature.

These video downloading apps that consume less data are good and are also fast. Some of them are free while some of these apps that downloads YouTube videos have in-app purchase to unlock the full download features. The apps are available to both Android users and iOS users.

Below are a list of trusted app for downloading videos/movies online on YouTube.

Free Video Downloader Plus

This is a free of charge video downloader with its own browser. The customized browser embedded within this app makes it easy to download from YouTube very fast. It still remains one of the fastest app to easily download your favourite movies on your iPhone.


What makes McTube a special app is that apart from being among the list of best apps to download movies easily from YouTube, it has its own search bar for searching for downloaded videos. This app is also free and works well on an android smartphone. It also has the option to chose various video quality as you deem fit.


Video Downloading Pro

This app also is available on Google play store and can be used to freely download videos. It has the capability to download videos in different formats. One thing I love about this app is the ability to transfer downloaded videos easily to a PC or laptop without hitches.

Tube downloader Pro

This app is available to iPhone users as it is not free like the ones we have listed above. You would have to pay to unlock the downloading features unless you have the cracked version of Tube downloader Pro that is when you will enjoy the full features of this app. The speed of this app is unrivalled. You can try this app by downloading it from Apple stores.

MyVid Video Downloader

Since the Apple smartphones were built with the most sophisticated security, you will find this app worth the try as it is available to only Apple users. You can password downloaded videos with this app, share your videos to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks easily.

MxTube for YouTube

This app is available to iPhone users and is termed the best app in Apple store that downloads YouTube movies fast and easily. It has easy to use features and it is user friendly. One thing I found interesting about this app is the ability to minimize the video I was watching the background. Although, this feature is not new as there are other video players that does same.


This particular app comes with video editing options plus other download features. Although it is not free, the speed of this application when using it to download videos is super fast. You can also share videos via email and other social networks.

Other Apps that you can use to download videos and movies from YouTube includes
Titan downloader
Ultra downloader
iBolt Downloader
Any video converter
Tube mate

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    Just download and install youtube for mobile on your phone and start downloading videos

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