Best Accredited Online Universities with Low Tuition Fee: Full List

Are you looking for the full list of the best online universities with low tuition fees to study, then this post will provide you with information on that. Online study is the right antidote to international students who are busy with their professional jobs and do not always have the time to further their studies in a university or college.


So, wherever you are in the world, you can study online in any of these cheap online universities that offer quality standard education to their students. These universities offer various online programs and degrees such as Bachelors (B.Sc, B.A), Post Graduate (PGD) and Masters degree (M.Sc) and their certificates are acceptable world wide.

Merits Of Studying Online

There are various advantages of studying in any of these accredited online universities with low tuition. The only difference between online study and the regular course is the medium of instruction. Below are the merits of online study

Flexibility of study destination: Students do not need to be physically present in academic classes to attend lectures. They can easily take lectures from their homes, offices e.t.c as lecture materials are shared with them using a technology platform.

Lower Cost: With online education, international students do not spend money on accommodation or academic material unlike normal students in campuses.

Flexibility choice of studying times: Students have a chance to choose their study periods during the day when it is convenient for them.


We believe you can use this list of accredited online schools with cheap tuition fee as a guide in helping you make the best decision for your educational pursuit for an online degree. Whatever online university you choose, know that they are affordable and offer quality education. According to Guide to Online Schools, below is a table showing the list of Accredited Online Universities with Low Annual Tuition

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 No. Universities
Annual Tuition  
1. Kansas Christian College $4,900
2. Western International University $6,000
3. Grantham University – Military $6,530
4. Abraham Lincoln University $7,500
5. University of Northwestern Ohio $9,565
6. National American University Online $6,447 – $12,891
7. Miller-Motte College Online $8,560 – $11,760
8. University College $10,300
9. Colorado Technical University – Online $10,531
10. Rasmussen College Online $10,764
11. Capella University $12,348
12. Kaplan University $10,105 – $15,957
13. Bryan University Online $11,850 – $14,915
14. Allen School of Health Sciences Online $11,176 – $16,080
15. ECPI University Online $14,245
16. University of the Southwest $14,280
17. South University Online $14,647
18. American InterContinental University $13,675 – $16,138
19. American Business and Technology University $14,940
20. Pinnacle Career Institute Online $13,848 – $16,105



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