Barbados Visa in Nigeria: Procedures & Requirements (2019)

Are you planning on travelling to Barbados? Good! And you are looking out for information on the procedures for Barbados visa application here in Nigeria and the requirements.


Well, you have arrived at the right page to get information related to travelling from Nigeria to Barbados. However, there’s a shocker! Read on to get shocked and prepare beforehand so you can achieve your dream.

Barbados is a country located in the Caribbean alongside Haiti and others. To some, they travel to Barbados for tourism which means they go there as a tourist or to visit someone there. To others, they go there for business related reasons while to some, it education that takes them there.

Lastly, there are the group of people that travel to Barbados for employment purpose. Whichever is your case, just know that Barbados does not have an embassy in Nigeria.

Barbados not having an embassy in Nigeria means a lot of thing but the most important I should point out now is this: You don’t need a visa from Nigeria to visit Barbados. Yes, you don’t need a visa. A shocker right? Well, the information is publicly available and can even be verified on Wikipedia.

Barbados is one of the few Caribbean countries alongside Dominica and Haiti that does not require a visa from Nigeria.


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Don’t jubilate yet… this has some implications. In the situation where you need a visa, you can be denied visa in Nigeria which means they have reduced your headache. In this case however, it is in Barbados that they decide if they want you to visit or not.

This means if at the point of entry, they suspect anything fishy or something is just not adding up, you will be on the next available flight back to Nigeria.

According to, here are 5 tourist attraction sites you can visit when you get to Barbados:

1. Barbados Beach

One of the greatest tourist attractions Barbados is the beach; on the west coast you will find miles of golden sandy beaches and calm warm waters for swimming in the Caribbean Sea. On the southeast, east and north coasts you will find white sandy beaches and the rougher water of the Atlantic Ocean, which is ideal if you are a water sports enthusiast. At the south east coast are ideal for wind surfing, surfing and kite boarding.

2. Harrison Caves

Harrison’s Cave, The magnificent, crystallized limestone cavern is said to be one of the wonders of the world. Its pure clear water and flowing streams. The caves were opened as a tourist attraction in 1981. The caves allow visitors to see some of the most beautiful natural geological features of Barbados. It is now Barbados’ Number One attraction.

At Harrison’s Cave, you can see the majestic stalactites and stalagmites which have been growing from the floors and ceilings for many centuries. Cascading through the caves, the crystal blue waters form magnificent pools and waterfalls, filling the senses with sights and sounds of such pure wonder, that it is guaranteed to be the wonderful experience.

3. Andromeda Botanical Gardens

This is really a great place to ease off and be at peace with nature. This is peaceful and tranquil tourist attractions in Barbados that located in Bathsheba on the eastern coast of the island. You will feel like walking in paradise as you roam along the paths full of palms, orchids, and bougainvillea. Lily ponds and gentle streams also dotted around the area.

4. Bathsheba and Scotland District

Bathsheba and Scotland District famous with surfers from anywhere in the world. You can watch the boldness of the surfers as they take the challenge of the so-called ‘soup bowl’ while enjoying your meal from one of the superb restaurants in the area. Don’t forget to bring your camera since the place is full of breathtaking scenery and steep roads.

5. Barbados Museum

A visit to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society is a must for everyone. The island’s rich history and culture come to life in these fascinating galleries, set in beautiful nineteenth-century buildings. Here you can see and explore Barbadian natural and social history, African heritage, military history, decorative arts, prints and paintings.

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    Pls I want to know which airline I can take from Nigeria to Barbados, I am invited by my Barbados friend but I don’t know what to do. And which airline will give me transit. Thank you

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