Why You Should Avoid Bleaching Your Skin

Why You Should Avoid Bleaching Your Skin

Most men and women who use skin lightening creams are not often aware of the risks associated in using them. They often forget that all the benefits it brings are not usually permanent and have its side effect.


Skin cancer, thinning, acne are just some of the potential hazards caused by bleaching creams. Let me use this opportunity to say that most of these products that promises fairer skin colour contains harmful and dangerous chemicals that causes alteration to your already natural skin colour and are harmful to your health.

The idea of having a fair-skin within the African scenario has become so overwhelming that every almost every dark guy or lady has turned white, just to be like the person drawn at the packets of such products. Funny enough, these products ranging from whitening or toning creams, lotions and soaps still grace the shelves of stores, shops and beauty salons while government do nothing to curb this secret killing products.

There are various methods used to lighten the skin, which includes skin bleaching, the use of skin lightening creams, soaps, pills, laser treatments and even surgery. You could still remember the popular late “king of pop”, Michael Jackson. He applied all these methods and it is common knowledge that he suffered physical problems and had to undergo surgery upon surgery until he died. His case should serve as a lesson to all who are bleaching or intends to carry out these kinds of alteration on their skin.

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Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Bleaching Creams

According to desiblitz.com, below are the chemicals that cause harm which are present in skin lightening products

1. Hydroquinone – The most common bleaching ingredient used in skin lightening products and is also found in film developing products. It is used in cosmetics, hair dyes, and medical preparations. Because it is considered a possible carcinogen (a substance that encourages cells to develop cancer) and has risks of causing respiratory issues, it is banned for use in cosmetics in the UK , EU, Japan and Canada, however, it is still allowed in the U.S.


2. Mercury – Many skin lightening creams have this chemical in them usually in the form of Mercury Chloride and Ammoniated Mercury, which is a carcinogenic. Toxic levels of mercury can lead to mercury poisoning which causes neurological and kidney damage, and may also lead to psychiatric disorders. In addition, it can lead to severe birth defects.

3. Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Commonly found in facial chemical peels, these are not ideal to be used without professional guidance. These should not be in anything you use at home regularly.

4. Arsenic – This is immediately thought of as “poison,” which is exactly what it is. Some skin lighteners do contain this as an ingredient.

All these chemicals are so dangerous especially the first Hydroquinone and mercury because they cause loss of hair, skin pigmentation and makes one age fast when he or she is exposed to heavy sunlight.

My final advice to all, especially the ladies is to avoid using bleaching creams, read the ingredients used in producing creams and soaps very carefully before purchasing them and eat more fruits if you want to improve skin colour.


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