Are You Eating A Balanced Diet?

A diet as we all know is the amount of food a person’s takes or consumes. Eating a balanced diet is very important for an individual to keep the body healthy and fit always.


What is a balance diet? A balance diet is a meal containing the right proportion of the main classes of food. Eating a well prepared balanced meal plays a vital role in maintaining and sustaining a good health.

As an individual, the way you balance your meals matters. With the help of a balance meal, our body is been safe guarded from diseases and sicknesses such as diabetes, osteoporosis, scurvy and many more.

Recent studies show that 75% of Nigerians eats unbalanced diet, they eat mostly carbohydrates which has real adverse effects. Be aware that those who fail to eat a healthy nutritious balanced diet suffer malnutrition; but taking of a balance meal helps the body with vitamins and minerals needed for the body to be healthy.

Failure of eating a balance diet, can also make you lack some basic nutrients which can lead to malfunction of the nervous system, distorted growth and abnormal development, while the opposite is applicable to those who take a balanced meal.

Now the question you will ask yourself is this- Are you eating a balanced diet? To eat a balance diet follow this three (3) simple steps:


1) Make sure the food you eat contains the right proportion of the main classes of food i.e carbohydrate,protein,fats and oil,mineral salt, vitamins and water.

2) Always make sure that the bulk of your food intake should consist of fibre, vegetables, fruits and less fats.

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3) Eats dense food like carrots raw and finally, take a lot of water.



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