Approaching Puberty In Boys and Girls: Signs To Look Out For

Puberty is the change from childhood to adulthood and it occurs in both boys and girls. This is a period when a person changes physically and develops towards maturity. The age at which puberty occurs varies but average signs suggest that puberty signs likely occur between the ages of twelve to fourteen.

Below are some changes that occur both in boys and girls:


  • The voice of the boy breaks and becomes deeper and louder
  • Hair starts to grow on parts of the body-pubic hair in private area, a beard around the jaw line, a mustache above the top lip, and hair in the armpits.
  • Boys tend to feel they are grown-up and may have a desire for independence and privacy.
  • They may start to think about their future career and set themselves goals to achieve.
  • They feel attracted to the opposite sex and may desire their friendship.


  • Hair starts to grow in the private area and in the armpits.
  • The experience their first menstrual period
  • Breast develop, and the body changes shape so that the waist becomes smaller and the hips become larger
  • They experience a self awareness- they feel they are adults and they want more privacy and independence. They also become more conscious of their general appearance.
  • They may start to think about their future career and set themselves goals to achieve.
  • They feel attracted to the opposite sex and may desire their friendship.

Menstruation In Girls

This is the monthly flow of blood from the linen of the womb. A girl who has started menstruating has become a woman. It means that she can now become pregnant if she has sexual intercourse with a man. Some girls may be frightened when their first menstrual period begins but it is quite normal as a girl will continue to menstruate until she reaches her middle age. It should be noted that a woman does not menstruate when she is pregnant. The menstrual period is a time when blood flows from the vagina and this usually lasts for five or six days.

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The menstrual cycle is between 25 to 30 days. It varies from woman to woman so it is important to keep a record of when each menstrual period occurs so that you will know when to expect the next period and be prepared for it. An individual may experience some discomfort or pain before the period begins. Pain killing tablets prescribed by the doctor can be taken to relieve the pain. Girls must not listen to ‘old wives’ tales about cleanliness during the menstrual period but rather observe the following.

  • Have frequent baths
  • Get rid of soiled sanitary towels/pads in the proper way- burning or wrapping them up and putting them in the refuse pit or bin. (Avoid flushing pads down the toilet unless they are disposable ones.)
  • Change the sanitary pads/towels often and wash the private area. This will prevent odour.
  • Young girls should avoid tampons. (This is a substitute for a sanitary pad. It is used internally to absorb the flow of blood during menstruation. It is more hygienic than pads but young girls may find it awkward and uncomfortable.)
  • Make sure you carry extra sanitary towels/pads with you during your period when you leave the house. This will enable you to change soiled towels/pads if necessary.
  • You may carry out your usual exercise and take part in sports especially swimming.

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