How To Apply For Nigerian Army Direct Short Service

This post will enlighten you on how to apply for Nigerian Army Direct Short Service. Below is everything you need to know.

Do you want to know how to join the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service? Great news, this is for you, just read along.

The Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Course is available to every eligible Nigerian. The interesting that about the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service course is that both civilians and military personnel can apply for the program.


Both the civilians and military personnel are treated equally as regards the course and are taken through the same measure of screening, interview and examination before the applicants are considered worthy of admission.

Be informed that before any serving military personnel can apply for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service course, and be offered admission, he/she must be sponsored by any of the branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces to any civil institution. If not, the plug will be pulled on his/her application and the application will fall through.

There are a number of programmes available under the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Course and some of the successful applicants will be trained to become part of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps.


Others will be trained to become part of the Directorate of Army Aviation. Many others are trained to be part of the Directorate of Chaplain Services, which can be divided into Protestants and Roman Catholic.

There are a number of successful candidates who are trained as part of Directorate of Islamic Affairs, some are trained as members of Directorate of Legal Service. The last form of training under the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Course is the Directorate of Army Public Relations.

What Are The Entry Requirements for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service? 

These are the requirements for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service course listed below.

1. Every applicant for this programme is expected to be a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is according to the Law of the land.

2. The applicant for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service must be between the ages of 22 and 35 years old. He/she can be a male or female. If the person is applying as a medical consultant, he/she must not be over 40 years of age as at the time he/she is applying for the course.

3. The applicant must be physically, mentally and medically fit before his/her application will be considered. He/she must present evidence of such fitness as at the time of applying. As a matter of fact, all applicants are taken through a series of tests to determine their fitness levels physically, mentally and medically.

4. The applicants must be given recommendation by minimum of 2 individuals and these individuals must be recognizable people in the society. They are required to attest to the integrity and character of the applicant. The individual that can give such recommendation may be Secretary or Chairman of the applicant’s Local Government of origin. It can also be a military personnel starting from the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel. Police officers starting from the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police too can give such recommendation. The military or police personnel to give such recommendations must originate from the state of origin of the applicant. The person providing the recommendation is equally required to attach his/her passport photograph to the said recommendation letter.

Aside the above, the applicant is equally required to provide letter of attestation from the institution he/she graduated from.

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5. It is expected that the applicant is to be up to 1.68 m height for the males and 1.65 m for females.

6. The applicant must have never been convicted of any crime by a court of law. If the applicant is a military personnel, he/she must be free of any form of military disciplinary case. The Commanding Officer of the military applicant is expected to attest to this.

7. Anyone applying for any of the course is expected to have graduated from either a recognized university or polytechnic. Also, he/she must graduate with minimum of Second Class Lower degree or Lower Credit.

8. The applicant must have a valid birth certificate and such certificate is expected to be endorsed by National Population Commission, Local Government Council or recognized hospital. The applicant can equally present affidavit from a court of law attesting to the individual’s age declaration.

9. The applicant must also have valid state of origin certificate.

10. If the applicant is a civilian that has graduated from either a university or polytechnic, he/she is expected to also present NYSC certificate or valid exemption letter.

11. If the applicant has any professional qualification, he/she must present document that authenticate his/her registration with such professional bodies. These professional bodies must be recognized by Nigerian Laws.

12. The Contact details of the applicant must also be provided during the application and the applicant must provide his/her phone number as well as those of his/her parents or guardians and also Next of Kin.

13. It is not advisable for the applicant to have any tattoo or inscription on their bodies. Any such candidate will be automatically disqualified.

14. All the original copies of certificates obtained by the applicant during education years must be presented by the candidate. The candidate must present all credentials from primary to tertiary institution.

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15. If the applicant is a serving military personnel, he/she must be have valid military identity card as well as letter of recommendation from his/her Commander or Commanding Officer. Additionally, such applicant must provide valid letters indicating Nigerian Army sponsorship in any valid tertiary academic institution. The individual must also have served in any unit of the Nigerian Army for minimum of 5 years.

16. The applicant must not belong to any secret society or cult. It is strictly prohibited for any of the applicants to be a member of any secret fraternity, society or cult.

17. If the applicant is a female, she is advised to seek commission into medical, Legal service, Public Relations or any of the special corps.

How To Apply For Nigerian Army Direct Short Service 

This is how to apply for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service. Application is done online and it is free.

To Apply for Nigeria Army Direct Short Service, visit . Make sure you create an account and be sure to read the Qualification Criteria properly. Select DSSC application from the Home Page.

You will be sent an email notification afterwards, which contains your login details. Then, click on Login in order to complete the application form. Make sure all the necessary documents are attached to the online application form.

After applying online, you will need to print out the photo-slip. Present this slip to a Court of Law to sign on the first page, while another qualified individual sign the second page.

The qualified individual can be high ranking military personnel from the post of lieutenant colonel and above. It can also be the Secretary or Chairman of a local government.



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