APC and Social Media: A Relationship turned Sour

Last time, we published an article on President Buhari’s world’s tour. This week, we are looking at APC and the relationship with the social media- How they met, How they loved each other and How they divorced.

APC and the Social Media: Love at first site

It was a match made for two as both the APC and the social media met at a T-junction (Nigeria). They met when Nigerians were tired of the 16 year rule of the PDP characterized with problems such as corruption, mis-management of public funds, Incompetence, dwindling economy and worst of all the emergence of the dreaded sect “Boko-Haram”.

Together, they cruised in making things extremely difficult for the former ruling party, PDP. They attacked and frustrated from left, right and center every policy made by the former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. APC wooed the social media and used her especially Facebook and Twitter to paint evil in the eyes of Nigerians whatever the PDP did.

And so the love continued until the election period. This time, using sweet-coated propaganda and impossible campaign promises, APC made use of the social media to spread the change message and it filtered everywhere on Facebook and Twitter. Even bloggers had their fair share.

With this strong matrimony of the APC and the social media, they marched victorious at the polls, subduing every hill of the PDP until they got what they longed for “POWER”

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APC and the Social Media: What went wrong

After series of phanthom promises and romancing the social media, both parties had gotten what they wanted. APC had gotten the power it craved for and the social media had succeeded in making sure that her boyfriend’s message had spread through out Nigeria.

As time passed by, the relationship turned sour as the social media could not keep her legs closed to other suitors who wanted to use her against her boyfriend (APC) because he was in power.



After 6 months, Nigerians are wondering if the promises made to them by the APC will ever be fulfilled at all as the country is currently stagnant. Some are saying we should give the APC time to settle while others are of the opinion that APC promised to change Nigeria from the day they stepped into power. With all these grievances, Nigerians took to the social media to do what they know how to do best-“attack and criticize the government of the APC”.

Judging with the recent trends in the country: fuel scarcity, dwindling economy, Naira increasing on a daily basis, bad roads, high crime rate, partial corruption geared towards the PDP, removal of the PDP senators from the National Assembly e.t.c. Will you blame Nigerians for attacking the APC on social media? Yes and will you blame them? No. Yes because they drank every propaganda tea poured out by the APC and no, because they needed change by all cost.

Either way, APC on their part has grown tired as they plan to end the love affair they have with the social media. They quickly forgot all the love songs, the hugs, sweet promises they use the social media to climb into power. Now, they want to create a law that will silence her for good as recently, a senator proposed to the house that they should fine a sum of N4m to anyone that abuses or writes against any public seat holder or face 2 years in prison.

APC Should Not Underestimate the Power of the Social Media

The social media and the internet is so vast that it might be difficult for anyone to monitor. The social media is a powerful tool used by virtually everyone in the world to connect to friends, family, loved ones, home and abroad.

APC on the other hand should not under-estimate the power of the social media to cause more harm than good to their stay in office. They should therefore, focus on delivering their campaign promises to Nigerians and not trying to control the social media with their so proposed to be law against users of the social media.

They should not forget that the pen is mightier than the sword and it was the same social media that helped remove PDP from power. Till then, APC, Change your ways because Nigerians are watching.


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