Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Leaves (Ugu)

Telfaria Occidentalis is a leaf popularly known as Fluted Pumpkin or Ugu in Nigeria and is commonly planted in tropical areas, normally at the eastern part of the country.

The junior shoots and leaves of the mother plant are the essential ingredient of the popular calabar soup “Edikain Ikong”
Ugwu leaf can be taken when cooked as a soup, but it is best taken and highly nutritious when it is in a liquid form, all have to do is to make a juice out of it.
However the dark red seed that is up to 5cm long is rich in protein and fat. It might be eaten raw or cooked, it can also be grounded into powder for a different sort of soup or eaten as a herb.

Below are three Amazing Health benefits of Pumpkin Leaves

  1. It serves as a rich source of dietry fibre: Pumpkin Leaves are very rich in dietary fibre. it contains vitamin A, for clear vision and also protects and keep our skin fresh. The presence of vitamin C in the leaves helps to heal wounds and scars. it also contains some minerals like calcium for strong teeth and bones, Iron for the muscles.
  2. Pumpkin Leaves Increases Blood Volume and Boost the Immune System: Ugwu helps in boosting the immune system and also increases blood volume in the body. It is normally prescribed by doctors for pregnant women, patients that suffer from blood loss as it will raise the blood level just in a matter of days.
  3. It can treat Sudden Attack of Convulsion, Malaria and Anaemia:
    According to Nigerian daily paper Tribune, when this plant is prepared through herbal means as used by our fore-fathers, it is used to treat sudden attack of convulsion, malaria and anemia.
  4. In addition it also plays a vital and protective role in Cardiovascular diseases.
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There are also other health benefits of ugwu not listed here, but these ones highlighted here are the main health benefits of pumpkin leaves. Feel free to add yours in the comment section below.


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    Thanks for the information. But the name is Ugu not Ugwu.

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