Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes

Mango is popularly known for its delicious and sweet taste. Mango is just one of the many seasonal fruit that comes with a well rich vital nutrients which are of great importance to the body. Mango has a good number of health benefits ranging from boosting the immune system, protecting the liver, reducing cancer risk and so on.



The mango fruit is very common among Nigerians and it is cultivated almost everywhere in Nigeria. Aside from the fact that it is planted and grown for its fruit, its leaves and barks can also be used for other purposes, such as herbal medicine. it also acts as a wind vane in the environment.

When buying mangoes in the market, it is advisable to go for the organic ones that are locally grown because they are more nutritious and more healthy compared to the ones that are been grown with chemicals in order to make it ripe. This is not only applicable to mango fruits but to any fruits or vegetables, try to buy the organic ones.

Below are 5 healthy reasons why you should eat mango fruit

1. It Reduces Cancer Risk: Regular consumption of mango fruit is one sure way to lower the risk of contracting cancer, the presence of anti-oxidant and methyl gallat fisetin, in mangoes has shown to help prevent breast cancer, prostrate cancer, leukemia and colon.

2. It Detoxifies the Liver: including mango in your diet can help you maintain a healthy liver, because the fruit contains antioxidant that help you detoxify the liver from harmful and toxic substances.


3. It Improves the Immune system: Mangoes also help to boost the immune system. It possesses high powerful antioxidants and vitamin A & C which helps the body fight against radical damages, and enhance the immune system function.

4. It Reduces Cholesterol levels: mango fruit contains a lot of fibre, pectin, and potassium content that reduces cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and also improve the digestive system.

5. It Enhances the Brain Function:  Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin B6 which helps to improve the nervous system and enhances brain function, it also contains glutamine which also aid and enhance memory and concentration.

6.It Helps Control Weight Gain: Consuming the skin (peels) of mangoes according to various studies conducted, can help put your weight under control as extract found in the skin of mango hinder the growth of fat cell.

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