Alternative to Electricity: Why You Need to Purchase a Solar Power System In Nigeria

Solar Power System In Nigeria- Nigeria’s Best Form Of Energy

There is need of having a solar power system in Nigeria as an alternative to electricity. This is because solar energy can be harnessed in Nigeria due to the availability of sun light in the country.

In our world today, especially in Nigeria where the issue of the supply of electricity is a recurrent issue, one is forced to look for an alternative means to produce electricity. Perhaps, you would want to consider using a generator set which is fair but the noise it emanates and the repairs it would cost, plus the increase of price in fuel might not bring the desired comfort you seek.

However, if you are looking for an alternative but convenient and reliable energy source to minimize expenses on electricity bills at your home or in your office, you should do an extensive research on solar power systems before spending your money on it because they are the best when it comes to saving on electricity bills and can serve as a permanent source to generate electricity.

High quality solar panels are durable with long lasting lifespan if not damaged or used carelessly but due to frequent charging and discharging, you might be required to change batteries which as we know, losses its charge overtime. Through this article, I shall list below, the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a solar power system.

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Advantages of Purchasing a Solar Power System In Nigeria

  1. On the long run, using solar energy will save you a lot of money as you would not need to pay monthly or yearly electricity bills, buy fuel for your generator set e.t.c.
  2. Health wise, solar energy is the best as it causes no pollution whatsoever. Ordinary generating sets are prone to disturb due to the noise and smoke it emits which are harmful to health but solar power system are not noisy neither does it emit carbon
  3. You get to produce and own your source of electricity which lasts forever as long as the sun continues shining in the sky and can also be used at night after the batteries are charged during the day.
  4. Maintaining a solar powered system requires minimal effort as there are no cabrators, plugs and other mechanized parts to service regularly.

Disadvantages of Purchasing a Solar Power System In Nigeria

  1. Solar panels are expensive to setup or install at first.
  2. Due to low sunlight in some parts of the world, installing a solar power system might not be as efficient as it is in countries with high exposure to sunlight.
  3. Batteries used by solar power system loose its potentials time to time as continuous charge and discharge will cause the battery to wear out and would need replacement.

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  1. Solar Panels

    The solar power is a considered as the new energy for us and it is a green power for the environment. Solar energy is one of green energy for human being, This is free energy and cheap, this important for the future to make better life of human being and earth. thanks

  2. mikel

    It is so helpful where there is no constant electricity.

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