Where To Advertise Online In Nigeria

Online advertising on various top platforms ensures that your business or products is seen to a wider audience in many countries.

Nigeria is ranked the 7th largest internet population in the world, accounting for over 86 million users, out of which 80% are active.

With this large number of people surfing the net, it is wise to say you can grow your business online profitability in the country just by advertising on the internet.

Here are top 6 places you can advertise for Nigerian audience online.

1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the advert wing of Google. It is particularly important to if you want to reach more targetted visitors.

This is the largest advertising platform online that you can target Nigerians as about 97% of Nigerians use Google and it displays ads based on the user behavior and keyword usage.


In addition to this, Google also place advertisement on websites and apps that partner with it using the Google Adsense platform.

A lot of advertisers are seeing a good return on investment (ROI) using Google adsense.

2. Facebook Ads

It had been stated that there are about 80 million Nigerians on Facebook and as such, advertising on it opens up a lot of opportunity for your business.

However, you may need a lot of testing before you master the art of using Facebook for advertising as it profitability is based on targeting.

3. YouTube

This is another Google business that you can target a lot of Nigerian audience.

It is the largest movie streaming site in Nigeria where you can reach over 40 million Nigerians.

One advantage of this is that you can leverage the use of video ads.

4. Twitter

This is one of the micro blogging social media in the country that appeals to many.

However, it is not for everyone and you need to be approved before using the ads platform.

5. Nairaland

Nairaland is the largest online forum in the country that is always active.

You can place adverts online on this forum and reach a lot of people.

This forum also allows placement of ads by sections so if your product is meant for farmers, your ads is only shown in the agriculture section.

6. Blogs with highly targetted Nigerian traffic

Aside the above, there are some blogs you can place advertisement online and get good return on investment such as this blog (Nigerian Infopedia), Linda Ikeji Blog among others.

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  1. Great list but it’s still incomplete as there’s no mention of any Nigerian Ad Network like NG Adverts and the rest.
    This post would have won my endorsement if it had at least mentioned indigenous firms that offer this service.

    If we keep promoting foreign agencies, how are we helping grow our economy?

    This list definitely needs to be updated especially as your title says Where To Advertise Online In Nigeria.

    All the same, well done for putting this out.

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