ABU Zaria Postgraduate Current School Fees (Official)

Are you looking for the current school fees for ABU Zaria diploma? This article will list all you need know concerning Ahmadu Bello University Zaria postgraduate school fees, registration fees e.t.c.


ABU Zaria current Postgraduate School Fees

Ahmadu Bello University is one of the best federal universities you can attend in northern Nigeria. This popular federal research institution of learning is located in Zaria, Kaduna State.

The school was founded on 4th of October in 1962, as the First University of Northern Nigeria. ABU Zaria has two campuses located in Samaru and in Kongo in Zaria respectively. Please note that ABU Zaria main campus is at Samaru.

They offer various courses which are all accredited. One thing you should note about ABU Zaria school fees is that it is cheap when compared to other state universities in Nigeria. Currently, ABU Zaria is said to have one of the best postgraduate schools in the country.

There is a pre-degree School located in Funtua which is somehow close from the main campus.

There are also administrative offices and faculties of social-sciences, sciences, languages, education, arts, environmental design, medical sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences and also research facilities in the main campus.

List of ABU Zaria Postgraduate Current School Fees

When you are applying, you’ll need to purchase an application form. For those enrolling for the Master’s degree, it will cost N10,500. the same amount goes for the Post Graduate Diploma form.


If you are admitted, you’ll have to pay an acceptance fee. You should know that the fees paid for a Master’s degree at any department in the Faculty of Sciences isn’t always the same as other faculties.

Now let’s take a look at the postgraduate school fees at ABU.

Application form:

  • SMS costs 10,500
  • PGD costs 10,500
  • SCIENCES costs 10,500

Acceptance fees:

  • SCIENCES costs 50,000
  • PGD costs 50,000
  • SMS costs 50,000

ABU Zaria current Postgraduate School Fees

ABU Zaria School fees currently:

1. Registration

  • SMS costs 25,000
  • PGD costs 25,000
  • Sciences costs 25,000


  • PGD costs 150,000
  • Sciences costs 250,000
  • SMS costs 200,000

Computer Science

  • PGD costs 25,000
  • Sciences costs 30,000
  • SMS costs 25,000

Internet service

  • Sciences costs 30,000
  • PGD costs 30,000
  • SMS costs 30,000

Health Care

  • Sciences costs 25,000
  • PGD costs 25,000
  • SMS costs 25,000

Developmental levy

  • PGD costs 100,000
  • Sciences costs 100,000
  • SMS costs 100,000

Written Examination fees

  • PGD costs 30,000
  • Sciences costs 30,000
  • SMS costs 30,000

Games and Sport

  • PGD costs 20,000
  • Sciences costs 20,000
  • SMS costs 20,000


  • PGD costs 405,000
  • Sciences costs 510,000
  • SMS 455,000

Approved payable fees for the postgraduate student for the third and fourth semester.


  • SCIENCES costs 510,000
  • PGD costs 405,000
  • SMS costs 455,000

3rd Semester

  • SCIENCES costs 205,000
  • SMS costs 177,500
  • PGD costs 152,500

4th Semester

  • PGD costs 152,500
  • SCIENCES costs 177,500
  • SMS 177,500


Payable Fees during the last semester.

Oral Examination Fees

  • PGD costs 100,000
  • SCIENCES costs 150,000
  • SMS costs 150,000

Alumni Dues/Year Book
students’ loans

  • PGD costs 20,000
  • SCIENCES costs 20,000
  • SMS costs 20,000

Graduation fees

  • PGD costs 20,000
  • SCIENCES costs 30,000
  • SMS costs 30,000


  • PGD costs 140,000
  • SCIENCES costs 200,000
  • SMS costs 200,000

International students Tuition Fees

  • SMS (Master’s Degree) costs $5100
  • PGD (others) costs $4500
  • Sciences (Master’s Degree) costs $5950

If you’re an international student, the tuition fees above is better explained below:

A Master’s Degree costs $5100 only while doing a Post Graduate Diploma costs $4500. If you are enrolling for a Master’s Degree in the Sciences, it costs $5950 only.

Finally, be aware that accommodations and any other information on Ahmadu Bello University school fees are available on students request. New students seeking admission into ABU Zaria can apply to the school.

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