9 Healthy Reasons Why Every Leader Should Have a Child-like Attitude

Every great leader or aspiring leader should have the ability to behave like a child in certain ways so as to grow in leaps and bounds.It will surprise you that children are better leaders than adults and if there is anything to learn from them as you observe them, it is great leadership skills and here are nine reasons why.

While it is true that not everything can be copied from little children, it is also true that there is plenty to learn from them if you observe them closely.


9 Leadership Traits to Learn from Children

1. Children Do Not Worry

As adults, it is fair enough to say that most of us tend to worry a lot. Worrying saps the energy of today without contributing anything to tomorrow. Children do not worry about anything and it gives them the strength to keep going. Wanna go far? Stop worrying.

2. Feelings 

If you must succeed as a leader then you must learn to balance your feelings and emotions. While children do not hide their feelings, they do not act like robots also. Being authentic is so important to being a leader, therefore be authentic, be real.

3. Honesty

Little children are very honest. Part of growing up is learning to put up with lies. A good leader is one who recognises honesty and sticks to it. One who keeps his head when others around are losing theirs. Embrace honesty like little children and see your leadership earn much respect.

4. Imagination and creativity

Children see magic because they look for it. Schools reward memorization, and abilities to pick up skills from drilling. By the time we are adult, imagination is in short supply. Dare to have an open mind like a child. Dare to imagine.


5. Curiosity

Little children are very curious about everything and never afraid to ask questions. They love to listen. Great leaders should have this ability to question certain things in order to get genuine answers.

6. Relationship

Little children do not build their relationships on “you do something for me, and I will do something for you”. They first try to do something for you, not expecting anything in return. A great leader is known by his selflessness, that ability to help others without expecting anything in return.

7. Courage to try new things 

Little children love to try out new things. It makes them discover a whole new world of endless possibilities. You as a leader should also try to carry out new projects, try out new things, just launch out and do something worthwhile.

8. Forgiveness

Little children forgive and forget easily due to their innocence. We should do the same. Leaders ought to forgive and forget any wrong done. It improves their mental strength.

9. Positive attitude

Little children’s positive outlook on life is remarkable. Leaders ought to have a positive outlook on life and their relationships.

So to be a great leader, you just have to look at and observe all nine traits of a leader in little children.

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