8 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria That You Must Visit

All around the world, there are tourist sites that people visit on a daily basis and Nigeria is just one of them.

Starting from the Yankari game reserve in Bauchi state, to the incredible Olumo rock in Abeokuta, Ogun state, there are a lot of tourist attractions within the country that tell a lot about our history and diverse cultures.

We have narrowed a list of 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria you can visit

Yankari National park

Yankari National park is located in Bauchi state, Northern Nigeria. It was created originally as a game reserve but later changed to the country’s National park in 1991. It has a large collection of different animals and plants in their natural habitat.


Being the most popular tourist attraction site for tourist, the reserve has over 59 caves, a warm spring with sparkling clear for swimming and iron smelting works with furnace which are centuries old.

Tinapa resort

Tinapa resort is located in Calabar as was initiated by the Cross River State Government of Nigeria to boost economic and tourism value in the state. Most Nollywood movies are shot there. It has being nicknamed by many Nigerians as Nigeria’s small London because of the beautiful landscape.


tinapa resort

The presence of a free trade zone nearby, along with its beautiful scenery provides visitors an outstanding experience of business mixed with leisure.

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River State of Nigeria and on a plateau 1576 meters above sea level, offering outstanding natural scenery.  The semi temperate mountain climate along with its beautiful views is a perfect holiday location for tourist and adventurers.

obudu cattle ranch

The Obudu Mountain Resort also provides the tourist with a sporting environment to play golf, food, log fire and traditional accommodation in chalets and African round huts.

Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ikogosi Warm Spring is located at Igede town in Ekiti state. Streaming side by side is a warm spring and a cold spring that meets at a juncture, each keeping its properties. This wonder makes the springs a vacation destination in Nigeria.


To also add beauty to the natural wonder is topography with rich green scenery. Just for comfort, a resort was built around the warm and cold spring to provide comfort, accommodation, conferencing facilities for tourists in Nigeria and other recreational activity.


Badagry is located in Lagos state and it is a place that showcases the relics and artifacts of the slave trade. Guns, chains and locks used then on the slaves are kept by the Mobe family in Badagry and are available for tourists to view and handle.


Badagry also has the first storey building in Nigeria, built in 1845 and the spot where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria.

The Idanre Hills

The Idanre Hills,located in Ondo State has an amazing arrangement of slopes with various tourists interest. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the ancient palace and hills still intact on top of the hills.


There is also the presence of a 640 steps with 5 resting spots up to the highest point of the hills that provides a clear view of the hill and Arun river and stream which according to myth gives a strange feeling to whoever swims within it

The Mambilla Plateau

The Mambilla Plateau, located in Taraba state stands at about 1,830 meters above sea level. It is richly blessed with green pastures that allows plants like apple, pears, strawberries, tea and irish potatoes to grow there because of its temperate climate.

Mambilla plateu

Driving up-hill through the winding road provides an outstanding experience. The plateau environment is without mosquitoes and tse tse flies.

Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is located at Abeokuta in Ogun state. It was used as a hiding place for early settlers in Abeokuta against their enemies and to monitor them from a more advanced point. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction sites and it is close to the Muritala Mohammed International Airport.


New renovations in 2006 saw the likes of a museum, restaurants, water fountain and an elevator added to make visiting Olumo rock a worthwhile experience.

Other tourist attraction sites in Nigeria includes:

  • River Niger and Benue
  • Lake Chad
  • Kianji Game Reserve
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  1. Nanjul

    So among ALL the sites mentioned. No one is mentioned about any site attraction from Plateau State which is home to so many tourist sites. The only You can pick from the North is Yankari and partially Mambilla. Why are Yorubas selfish and myopic? You can’t change or collect what God has bestowed in our land.

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