7 Real Reasons Nigerian men run from marriage

Previously, one of Nigerian Infopedia writers wrote on the type of women Nigerian men love to marry and in that article he explained at length reasons why men have such preferences when it comes to women.


In this article, I will spell out reasons why these same Nigerian men run away from marriage. Ladies, you all will agree with me that when it comes to romance, Nigerian men are known to be experts. And you are also aware that its a norm for guys to carry the financial burden in a relationship but what if I tell you that men don’t see marriage the same way women see it and thats why some of them run from marriage.

Below are 7 Real Reasons that Scare Nigerian Men From Marriage.

1. Scarcity of wife materials

To Nigerian men, there is a common belief that there is scarcity of ‘wife-materials’ in Nigeria. This is because most Nigerian women don’t have what it takes to keep a happy home and most men do not want that.

2. Getting sex freely as a Bachelor

Gone are the days when virginity was a yardstick or pass mark for marraige. Men know that they can get sex more easily than in times past and thats why they find it hard to settle down with a woman. One thing I would point out here is  thay unwarranted sex isn’t the fault of women as promiscuity is not an exclusive act than can be carried out without the consent of both man and woman.


3. Nigeria weddings are just too expensive

With the dwindling economy in Nigeria,  a man is still expected to marry a woman in three different kinds of wedding- Religious, Traditional and Court. When a Nigerian man sits and calculates the cost of wedding plus other expenses, they feel distirbed.

In time past, an average Nigerian wedding costs N400, 000 but as of now, even N1 million isn’t enough to organize a befitting wedding in Nigeria.

4. Searching for a ‘working class’ lady

Some men are afraid of the financial burden they might face when they get married and that why they go in search of a working class lady to share such financial burden with. Gone are the days when men marry ‘full-house-wives’.

5. Fear of freedom

Nigerian men love to be free to do what thay want to do, whether good or bad. The common belief among some men that marriage puts an end to one’s freedom scares them away from marriage. They do not want to answer to any spouse on every action they take.

6. Type of Career they pursue

The kind of career a man pursues can either slow down or mar the decision he takes concerning marriage. Within the minds of men, they often ask themselves, Will my partner make agitated about me being in office for long hours? Will he or she understand my love for my career? These questions as earlier said can delay or make a man run from marriage.

7. Huge Expectations from In-laws

The standards set by some parents as a pass mark for a man to marry their daughter can sometimes be unrealistic and could make a suitor want out of a marriage.

Discouraging situations like having a house, professional qualifications, properties, e.t.c are just some thinks that makes Nigerian men to be discouraged in getting married.

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