7 Habits that are causing your boobs to sag

A recent study showed that the breast tissues age two to three years faster than the rest of your body that’s a food for thought for every woman. But if we put that aside, there are many more factors that contributes to a sagging breasts such as having a baby, breastfeeding, weight problem can cause loss of elasticity of collagen.

The connective tissue under the skin leaving your set more deflated than firm. Experts also said that if your mother had a droopy pair; you have greater chances to end up with a droopy pair too. In order to save you from future deflating breasts here are some breasts behaviours you should avoid.

Crash dieting

If you are having problems with weight gain, then you are prone to having saggy breasts. Going back and forth with your weight is an avenue to having a flaccid pair. Michael Edwards, MD, a breasts surgeon and president of American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said. He said each time a woman gained weight and lose weight, her breasts tissues become slacker like an old tights.


Are you an adherent smoker or addicted to smoking, then you don’t like your breasts. Smoking and pesky breasts are not great friends because apart from affecting the lungs, smoking weakens and ages the skin by decreasing the blood supply to the skin surface. So if you want firm breasts quit smoking!

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Alcohol abuse

Alcohol has several health benefits when consumed in moderation. Alcohol abuse on the other hand, causes damage to your liver and skin elasticity. This in turn leads to loose skin and sagging breasts.

Wearing the right bra

If you are wearing the wrong bra, then you are in for more breasts trouble. Most ladies in Nigeria either wear a very tight bra or one that is too loose. Experts said that the more your boobs bounce around, the more stressed breast skin and collagen become. Always get your proper fittings when shopping for a bra, so as to ensure that you are wearing the right bra for your shape.

High-impact workouts

Some expert similar said that the back and forth repetitive motions that happen when you run or do similar workouts can lead to a breakdown of breast collagen. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not exercise regularly. All but moderation should be your watchword. Also remember to wear a sport bra when working out.


Bad posture

The way you carry yourself goes a long way in affecting your breasts shape. Make sure you pay attention to your posture throughout the day and make your breasts stand up proudly while walking straight.

Not protecting yourself from the sun rays

The cleavage and the breasts absorb their share of the sun’s UV rays in particular, and they can get burnt easily. This can make the skin wrinkle, age prematurely and damage it. Don’t over-expose your skin to the sun as it causes wrinkles and saggy breasts but protect yourself from the sun

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