6 Annoying Things Nigerian Interviewers Do When Interviewing An Applicant

Everyone blames an applicant for not making the most of the opportunity he or she has when in front of an interviewer. Sadly, no one has deemed it fit to beam the searchlight on the interviewer—some Nigerian HR persons can be damn rude sometimes.


Most HR persons like playing “god”—can’t blame though, the economy is in a terrible shape. It is a world where an applicant is always at the mercy of the employer.

Here are six annoying things Nigerian interviewers do when interviewing an applicant.

Keeps you waiting without a word of apology

The letter asking you to attend an interview or chat states that the interview is for 9 am in the morning—and you are there before the set time. However, some HR person playing “god” walks into the venue by 10 am without a word of apology and acts like you are a-nobody. I mean this is typical of most Nigerian employers.

Talks down on you


Some HR persons would talk down on you and treat you like you are a nobody. It had to be said that no responsible company employs interviewers that treat candidates badly.

Acts like he was not once an applicant

It is so disheartening that some HR persons act like they were not once in your shoes (na your papa get the company?). They not only talk down on you, but expect you to act like a superhuman who has answers to everything about the company.

Cuts you off when you are speaking?

Lousy HRs don’t know a jack about manners—and that’s why they treat applicants like they are beneath them in status. They ask a question, and before you could finish offering an explanation—they cut you off without offering any form of apology.

Don’t Know a Jack about the job he/she is interviewing you for

It is not so difficult to know if an interviewer has little or no knowledge about the job he/she is interviewing you for. Anyone involved in an interview process should be as prepared as you are when interviewing you—regardless of whether it is his field or not.

Comes to an interview unprepared

Most HR persons don’t read through an applicant’s CV before the ‘D-day—ugh! When an interviewer starts asking you to tell him about yourself or ask you to walk him through your resume. They have no questions about your background because they have never given it a moment’s thought—this is absolutely unacceptable.

You can add yours.

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