5 Ways to Raise Money For Your Business In Nigeria this 2019

If you want to start a lucrative business in Nigeria, you must have the capital to kick off. Although, there are different and proven ways to enable you raise money for your business in Nigeria and since no man is an island of knowledge, I listed below some ways to raise funds to start-off your business this 2019.

1. Individual/Personal Savings

This is most likely best method for raising cash for any business. I can comprehend what is happening in your mind at this moment – where will I by chance see money raise talk more of saving it? Well, the issue is that we don’t use to approach this method the way it ought to.

We hit a business thought in our minds and we need to raise the cash to start off. No! Give the thought some time like 9 months to a year. Within these months. you are to set out a plan and work towards it. If you are earning like N100,000 on a monthly basis, then you should really learn how to save money for the rainy day.

Learn how to prevent yourselves from reckless spending. You’ll discover that there will be much cash  spared basically by simply denying yourselves a bit.

2. Family and Friends

These are the people that hold you in high esteem. There is no how that you wouldn’t get some generous measure of help from them when you need money to start a business. You only have to make them see reasons that your business idea is genuine.

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3. Co-operative

If you have not joined one, I’ll suggest you join one this year 2019 because co-operative societies are another place you can rely on to raise money for your business in Nigeria. When you join a co-operative society, you would have to spare some measure of cash with them before you can be allowed to borrow or obtain loan for your business.

4. Association

Do you know anyone who has the same idea as you? Or somebody you can trust to work with? Approach such persons for partnership in that business you want to kick-off. It may be someone who has the cash and you the idea. Partnership is one of the greatest driver of innovation especially when you find the right partner.


5. Look for an Investor

To use this method to raise funds for your business this 2019, you would be required to have a business plan. One that outlines your business ideas. It is through the business plan that you might be lucky to find a willing investor that will help raise money for your business


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