5 Ways to Look Like a Real Hero in the Eyes of a Girl

Do you think you need to be a soldier and fight in order to look like a hero in the eyes of your beloved? If you do, then you are very mistaken, mate. We talked with the columnist of a well-known men’s magazine, who combines the work of a journalist with psychology and found out what qualities in men make women’s hearts beat faster. Provided by romancecompass.com/

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Be Strong like Hercules

The power of intelligence is certainly a great thing. But there are no better things that cause women to be filled with such respect and trepidation as a physically strong and hardy young man who with ease and grace does what the beautiful part of mankind is not always able to do. Raise some heavy thing, or drag something big, without flinching at the knees (the main thing is that all this is done of your own free will, without a request from a woman). Spend 48 hours driving and do not whine that his eyes are sticking together, and his ass is numb. To intimidate, and if necessary, to repel hooligans. Drink a bucket of tequila and do not lose the human face. Classics of the genre, but in our ruthless century of subtle boys such male manifestations look like real heroism.

Solve Problems

It’s not about satisfying women’s caprices and whims, but about the ability to appear in a critical situation, calmly and confidently say to a girl who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown: “Do not worry about anything. I’ll settle everything. ” And settle (call the tow truck and agree on repairs / to enlighten the bully / drive the giant moth out of the bathroom). You would only know, friends, how this approach inspires, fills the tender feminine hearts with pride and glee! We are ready to argue that humanity would not know feminism if all men reacted to women’s tears and wails “All is lost!” in this way, in an impeccably masculine manner. And not with the words “What are you just thinking about ?!”, “And I told you to take the car to the SRT!” And “Can you deal with it by your own? .. I’m at the meeting” – how it happens in 9 cases out of 10.

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Maestro of … Cunnilingus

What, did not expect this?. The lack of taboos on this topic, the flexibility of the language and the creative approach are all, of course, good things. But there are more important things. Namely: the ability to devote to this noble occupation for as long as necessary. And often you need 10, and even 20 tiring minutes. History knows a lot of examples, when a young man cheerfully begins to caress and makes with the language all kinds of outstanding turns as aces of military aviation, but loses strength and fuss after 40 seconds. And this, as a rule, is not enough – no matter how his partner is moaning (most likely, she does this not so much with delight, but with gratitude). Another thing is whether you can spend the necessary amount of time in the area of ​​a girl’s bikini and bring it to its logical conclusion. Do not even doubt — the feat will be counted.

The Perfect Father

The tribe of young mothers will not let us lie, what deafening applause invariably deserve the good fathers who went for a walk with their child. By “good” we mean those who do not talk endlessly on the phone while his child sculpts masterpieces of sand architecture on the top of the neighbor’s girl, and knows how to play with his child, and who can teach something useful (and not just how to turn on iPad), and slide along with the child from the hill, not grieving that he will soil the new jeans from Armani. It would seem as elementary things. But experienced moms know that, as a rule, this is not posturing, but real functional parenting – when the father shares with his wife not only his salary, but also sleepless nights, and windmills, and other parental troubles. And such fathers are real heroes of our time.


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