10 Things To do Before You Hit 35

Things To Do Before Reaching 35 Years

As you grow older, your emotions are more stable than when you were much younger, you find out that your needs outweigh your wants, you know that you want everything but you begin to actually take decisions on meeting more of your needs than your wants. This goes a long way to tell you that adult life has come and it has come to stay, therefore the order of things on your scale of preference must either adjust or give way to more meaningful things.


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That is life, we are built in such a way that we learn everyday. Life’s lessons are new everyday and because we do not know what to expect in the future which starts from the very next minute, we have to have a working plan that will enable us live for today and for tomorrow as well. Young adults need to begin as soon as possible to plan for the future so as to avoid unnecessary stories as to why they never made it when they become old.

It is necessary for young adults to understand that every second counts and that time waits for no one in this journey to achieving their dreams, that is why we have written this article to intimate the reader (this article is centred on young adults) on certain things that must be done before they are thirty-five years. As opposed to Nigerian Infopedia’s culture of listing and explaining salient points, we will only list these points and allow the reader ponder on it as we believe that these points are comprehensive enough and self explanatory.

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It will be really nice if these points are pondered upon and taken to heart as it will go a long way to helping young adults towards achieving purpose so without further ado, here are points to consider as young adults in this journey of life and achievement of dreams before you hit 35 years.

10 Things To Do Before You Hit 35 Years

1. Begin to put money in the bank and learn to leave it there. This will encourage you to save for the future.

2. Get your own apartment, stop having room mates.

3. Date the right person. Make sure you date someone who shares the same vision as you and who complements you. Marry them to solidify your union.


4. Get out of debt. If you’re owing anyone, do yourself a lot of good by repaying them as soon as possible.

5. Get that body you always dreamed of and maintain it. The gym would be useful for you in your quest to get the body of your dreams.

6. Surround yourself with people that will take you a step ahead.

7. Start to accumulate fortune and wealth.

8. Learn to dress well, not se*y.

9. Accept that you’re an adult and start living as one.

10. Let go of the past and look forward to the future.

These guidelines should be valuable enough for the one who wants to be successful. Feel free to use the comments section for your contributions.



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    to add to ur points, some habits shld not be carrried to ur 35-40 e.g if u re the type that starts drinking n smoking before dis age level

  2. Your comment is appreciated steveguch

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