10 Signs that the woman in your life will make a good wife

Marriage is one of the most important and most changing endeavors many of us men will undertake in life. Basically, it is very critical that one must take a decision in order to prepare for marriage. As a man, you have to be absolutely sure that the woman in your life is someone that you would be happy spending your time with throughout your lifetime. Certain characteristics in a woman that you want to marry can be a bit hidden to you.

This article will show you the signs you should check out for that the woman in your life will make a good wife

10 Signs to Know a Wife Material or A Woman That Will Make a Good Wife

  1. Trustworthy and Loyal

A great wife loves her man flaws and takes time to show him how much  she appreciate him every day and will not be out  doing something she should not be doing when you both are apart. This kind of woman is ready to go to war with you and take on whatever obstacle life presents.

  1. Similar Interest

When both of you share similar interests, that is a good sign that you are entering a marriage with a woman who shares same ideas with you.

  1. She is Emotionally Stable

If she displays confidence, is independent and is able to stand on her own emotionally and can positively go in the right direction with no signs of emotional baggage, definitely she is the one. Furthermore she should be able to meet you at an intellectual level, constantly surprising you, keeping you on your feet and deepen your attraction past the physical level.

  1. Respects You and Your Decision
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The woman you decide to marry should be a genuine person who considers you in every situation and will be on your side no matter what. She should not be the type that will be checking out with other guys but will keep her attention focused on you, the man in her life.

  1. Good Communication

There is nothing more important in a relationship than good communication. And if you are considering making it official by marrying her, you have to feel comfortable talking with her about any and everything. The more both of you communicate, the less likely you create an atmosphere for arguments because both of you will be able to talk about your problems, instead of holding them in.

  1. You have Great Intimacy Together

The way you relate to each other in the bedroom has a big influence on whether the two of you will stay together after wedding vows are exchanged. The intimacy between the two of you should be on point.

  1. The Two of You can Laugh Together

Mutual laughter is an essential part of a strong and healthy marriage. Romance is much better if you can see humor in little things she does.

  1. Both in Agreement on Having Kids

A marriage without children will gradually wear-off due to pressure from either the bride or groom’s family. When considering marriage, if both of you are in agreement on having children, you would likely be entering long term marriage that is pleasurable.

  1. Financially stable

When you get married newly, chances are you will accumulate debt together, but you do not want to marry someone who is up to her neck in debt and has no source of income. You may feel you should be taking care of her but it still feels good knowing you have someone who has a reliable job, good credit and responsible in money management.

  1. Beautiful

While this should not be a main factor in selecting a woman that you would want to marry, beauty is still a priority. A woman, who can take care of herself and look good for her man inside and outside, should be considered. Although, beauty without brains is bad luck for any kind of marriage.

Well, there are other signs to know a wife material or a woman that you would love to marry, these few points I believe are the major yardstick to consider when selecting a wife to marry. Do you agree with my list, if so or not, comment below. Thanks


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