10 Reasons Why Nigerians Are No Longer Happy

I was shocked to find out that there was something called “The World Happiness Ranking”. This report ranks countries according to their happiness level was released recently.

it will shock you to know that Nigeria’s happiness ranking dropped from 78th position in the World to 103 happiest nation in the world and from 2nd happiest nation in Africa to 6th. What went wrong?

Below are 10 reasons why Nigerians are no longer Happy

1.The weather condition is becoming unfavourable upon the suffering (excessive heat)

2. Titus Sardine went from four fishes to three, now two with much oil. Coaster biscuit has gone from six pieces at five Naira to three pieces at N10. Very soon, Nigerians will see “Try again” when they open it.

3. Pure water that was sold for N5 is now sold for twenty Naira (N10) while a bag that was 100 Naira is now N150

4. Unemployed Nigerian youths are still waiting for the promise made by the APC on job creation. Now, it seems they have denied saying that and have moved to the next level.

5. The transport fare from place to place is just so expensive which makes conductors, touts and passengers fight on daily basis.


6. The killing and kidnapping rate has increased, leading to fear among Nigeria and her citizens-Boko Haram, inter-tribal conflict, Kidnapping, SARS killing innocent people e.t.c

7. No fuel or the continual increase in its price.

8. The Dollar exchange rate is just to high for Nigerians to bear, causing untold hardship.

9. Lack of adequate electricity, yet PHCN or NEPA dole out crazy bills to poor Nigeria that can’t afford two square meals per day.



10. Chibok girls are still missing. It seems Oby Ezekwesili and her #Bringbackourgirls campaign have lost interest, since the missing girls are now women.

These are the top ten reasons I believe Nigerians are no longer happy. What other reason do you have, we would like to hear from you. Please use the comment section below

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I am simply known as Ikenwa Chizoba, a seasoned blogger and the Founder of Nigerian Infopedia. A very simple person who loves writing, reading and research.


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  1. Cosmas Uwazie

    Things got this bad not just today’s making. A lot of factors led to this situation Nigerians found themselves. Impunity that led to the looting of the country’s treasury. You can imagine Ekiti gate, , Dasukigate and the judiciary.

  2. Biography Room

    You are very correct man… Buhari please we are still waiting for your change

  3. Sulaimanramon

    Some state refused to pay workers salary and arrears

  4. Ijebu ode

    You don’t want to do your research and publish facts that are well researched you want to collect people’s view and sell it back to us only your paper know to make money under falls pretence .
    Headlines with unsupported facts and substance

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