10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa: Global Peace Index Ranking

20-african-countries-with-the-largest-economiesAccording to Global Peace Index ranking, some countries in Africa are currently experiencing massive unrest due to power tussle among their leaders while some other few countries experiencing peace in Africa is due to the rate of development in such nations.

The Global Peace Index (GPI), currently ranked Iceland, Denmark, Austria, and New Zealand as the most peaceful countries in the world while countries in the Middle-east like Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Iraq were ranked as the least peaceful in the world due to the series of terrorists attacks on such countries.

Africa, being the second most populous continent on planet earth has about two billion people living within her with 54 countries having various tribes, ethnic groups, different cultures languages within her. Africa is also regarded as a third-world continent due to lack of development, hunger and disease ravaging her inhabitants.

Africans are also peace loving people with potential to be the best continent in the world. Even though the western media keep portraying Africa nations as unpeaceful, this article will refute that. According to Global Peace Index, below are the top 10 most peaceful African countries 2016

List of Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa

10. Sierra Leone

Often regarded as one of the most religious tolerant countries in the world, Sierra Leone as a nation has survived its own share of civil unrest and is experiencing massive peace, transformation and development in various sectors of her economy.

9. Madagascar


One thing peculiar about this country is the free education it offers. Madagascar is a large island located near South Africa and is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa that you can live in or even study in any of her top universities.

8. Morocco

Morocco is the most peaceful nation in North Africa ruled by the a Monarch. She is a member to various international recognized bodies such as the UN, Arab League, OPEC. e.t.c. This country runs one of the biggest economies in Africa.

7. Lesotho

Sitting on the seventh position of peaceful African nations is Lesotho. Education in this country is compulsory and its economy is twined with that of South Africa. With a high literacy rate, Lesotho has experienced massive development over the years that you would hardly hear of any conflict in the country.

6. Namibia

Namibia had her own ethnic crisis in the past but have moved on to become one of the stable nations in Africa. Despite differences of ideologies, political parties operating in Namibia work together for the sake of national interest. Something you find hard in most African countries.

5. Zambia

It may shock you that Zambia is a christian African nation and one of the urbanized countries in sub-Saharan Africa with strict social protection against the minority. The economy of Zambia has also witnessed a leap in recent times.

4. Angola

Located in the southern part of Africa, Angola has also experienced its own intra tribal wars but have moved on since oil was discovered in her territory. Angola is a member to various international organizations like AU, UN, and OPEC and is also among the most developed nations in Africa.

3. Ghana

In 2008, according to GPI, Ghana was rated as the most peaceful nation in Africa but slipped to third this year. Ghana runs a unitary presidential system of government and enjoys a robust economy.

2. Botswana

PPI ranked Botswana the best governed country in Africa in 2013 while GPI ranked this country as the second most peaceful African nation. This is because Botswana’s constitution respects and protects the fundamental rights of its citizens. Something you won’t find in most African nations.

1. Mauritius

This nation has one of the best judicial systems in Africa and has positioned itself as a leading country in estate and wealth management. Its inhabitants are diverse in culture just as Nigeria and its laws were formed from the British common law and French civil law. Global Peace Index ranks Mauritius as the most peaceful country in Africa.

With all this African countries experiencing peace and stability, the question still unanswered is when will Nigeria experience her own peaceful existence as a sovereign nation free from ethnic hate and democratic imbalance?

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