Top 10 Most Hated People in Nigeria (Updated)

Top 10 Most Hated People in Nigeria 2019

Nigerians are one of a kind. They love who they love and hate who they hate for reasons best known to them. Below are the list of 10 most hated people in Nigeria:

#1. Abubakar Shekau: Hated by virtually all Nigerians. He is the head of the deadliest terrorist group in the world, “Boko Haram” that are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Nigerians. He was reported to have been killed severally by the Nigerian military only to resurface time and again. his whereabouts is currently unknown.

#2. President Muhammadu Buhari: Nigerians call him Baba ‘go slow’ due to his slow nature of doing things. The current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is hated by Nigerians living in the South East and South-South regions of the country. Now that he is also the Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria, the hate for him has reached an all time high due to the fuel scarcity rocking the nation.

#3. Ayodele Fayose: Governor of Ekiti State. This out-spoken man is widely hated for his series of hate campaigns through the media against President Muhammadu Buhari prior to the 2015 presidential elections and he is still critical about the President months after the elections.

#4. Senator Ahmed Sanni Yerima: Former Governor of Zamfara State and Senator of the Federal Republic. He is highly hated for his strong support of the implementation of Sharia law in the northern part of the country with his state being widely regarded as the home of Sharia; and his marriage a few years back to a young girl of 13.

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#5. Rotimi Amaechi: Prior to his recent appointment as Minister of Transportation, he was one time speaker and governor of Rivers state. He was formerly a PDP member before he defected to the ruling party. He is regarded as a betrayer of the people of the south-south region and the PDP. He was among those that helped unseat the immediate president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

#6. Rochas Okorocha: He is the Current Governor of Imo state and is disliked my many Igbos due to his alignment with the ruling party and his strong support by the President. He is known for giving speeches that his people don’t like.


#7. Goodluck Jonathan: He is the immediate past President of Nigeria. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is widely hated for the high rate of corruption recorded during his tenure. He was regarded as being clueless.

#8. Femi Fani Kayode: Former Minister of Aviation and head of Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation prior to the 2015 presidential elections. The very out-spoken lawyer is widely hated for his multiple attacks against President Muhammadu Buhari, which many Nigerians deemed malicious and baseless and for some very controversial comments he made about the Igbo race.

#9. Reuben Abati: Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to former President, Goodluck Jonathan. He is widely hated for his strong defence of government policies and stands — regardless of whether the policies are widely accepted or not.

#10. Lai Mohammed: Prior to his recent appointment as Minister of Information, he was the spokesperson of the ruling party the APC. He is regarded as a liar by many Nigerians due to his reliance on heavy propaganda.

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#11. Elder Godsday Orubebe: Former minister for the Niger Delta. Widely hated for his attempts at disrupting the proceedings of the 2015 presidential election collation, during which he was acting as a polling agent for the PDP. Ever since, the name ‘Orubebe’ has become synonymous with trouble.

#12. Diezani Alison-Madueke: Immediate past Minister of Petroleum resources. She is highly hated for been allegedly suspected for looting public funds.

With the above names, who do you think should be or should not be on this list, and why? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.



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  1. Th is really the most stupid post of 2016. Why? Because it is a personal opinion, dubbed a public opinion.

    1. Admin

      It might look personal to you but you will not deny the fact that these men in one way or the other are hated by some Nigerians if not all

      1. Ostyn

        Everyone, one way or another is hated including you the Admin.
        Note that in this life, when all people love you there is a problem cos it’s impossible and not cool. That explains why even God is hated by some!

  2. Efiok, E.O.

    Well,what can I say.These men are by any stretch of the imgination,highly controversial.They are the ones who demonized themselves.Gopaal

  3. Galadima Sambo badikko

    The problem with criminals is that they get disturbed whenever they hear Buhari’s name. I wonder if south south region and South East region hates Buhari is news .What do you expect from to love Buhari?. Until all the thrives from that region are jail for conniving with their brother to milk Nigeria resources in billions you will know that he is not Baba go slow. Change is coming gradually no rush otherwise you will repeat the same mistake. You have to weed out the criminals out of the system before you progress.

    1. Lawrence Odoli

      Those in the list actually have some explaining to do to Nigerians.

    2. Stephen bella

      I totally agree ✅ with you

  4. charles

    Honestly honestly I go with you on that. But I argue you to add t . A orji for looting abia state for eight years . We hate him too

  5. Underdog

    You should name the list ‘most controversial’ because the same way people hate them, others love them.

  6. Buhari lawal

    you just spokeout your mind.but not public oppinion.

  7. Muhammad Malami Chukuriwa

    On the other hand their most loved people’s in nigeria . Shekau to his followers and others to their people’s.

  8. Tauhid

    Buhari should be out of the list is too early if you ask me..

  9. brodotastic

    ds is a very true post, though shekau is hated along d length n breadth of d country, most others are equally caustically hated( n angelically loved) along religious, tribal n political divides


    They’re more than 10 people

  11. Susan

    What do u people Ave with south south region d list is yet to be completed

  12. dangida Emmanuel Bunu

    Every one has his own weak point as of me i cant say one should b left out

  13. Micdonz

    Witout Tunubu Armed aka jagaba of ikoyi I tink u ar be compromise here @adim

  14. fisco

    How can anyone call diz post a stupid one when it is actually d gospel fact?You ar talkin about Buhari not being too slow and also more clueless about governance dan Jonathan…wait until 90% of Nigerians die of hunger and poverty.Don’t tink u ar havin a good job now and it doesn’t concern u oo.Dnt forget dat juz yestday even d almighty Chevron sacked 3000 workers while Julius Berger is about pulling out of d country.So,wait until joblessness and hunger knock on every door den,u will see dat diz is d most reasonable post of d millenium.I could use my last penny to buy a drink for Buhari wen he won dat election bt wit d present hunger and human beings dieing in d hospital cos dey cudnt afford juz 3000naira drugs,many Nigerians won’t hesitate to gun him down if chanced.

  15. A.B

    On the top ten why did you exclude Dasuki? he should be no. 2 on the list after Shekau. majority of Nigerians loves PMB only south east and south south.

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