10 Best Study Abroad Consultants in Nigeria

This post will list 10 best study abroad consultants in Nigeria just in case you are looking for a good/trusted education agency to consult that can help you process your admission into any foreign university of your choice without having to pass through the difficult process of registering for a degree in any foreign university abroad.

It is no news that studying abroad is better than studying in Nigeria. This is because these foreign countries like Canada, Germany, Australia educational standards are high. Many Nigerians patronize or prefer studying in these universities abroad as they believe that a degree gotten from any of these foreign educational institutions carry more weight than what is obtained in most universities in Nigeria.

If you need help to get admission into that dream foreign university or college and you are looking for a trusted educational consultant agency in Nigeria that you to help you process your admission into any university abroad, then I suggest you read through the 10 Best Study Abroad Consultants in Nigeria and their websites we will list below for you to make your choice.

List of 10 Educational/Study Abroad Consultants in Nigeria

1. Emion Placement Resources Limited

For those looking for how to gain admission into any foreign universities in countries like India, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK,e.t.c , Emion Placement is one trusted educational agency you can trust. They offer easy service of helping you do the registration into a foreign institution of learning easily. To learn more about their services, visit their official website at: www.emionplacement.com.

2. Morgan Consultancy Services

Over the years, Morgan Consultancy Services have built a solid name when it comes to processing Canada university admissions. They are the best bet when it comes to processing admission into any of the universities in Canada. So if you are seeking admission into any Canadian university, you can look them up and learn about their services from their official website at www.morganconsultancyservices.com.

3. Diptot International Consult

This educational outlet is a top notch in providing you with the most reliable and professional education consultancy services in Nigeria. With affordable charges, Nigerians who love to further their education into universities located in Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Australia e.t.c should also try these study abroad consultant agency. To learn more about their services, visit their official website at www.diptointernationalconsult.com.

4. Avail International Consult

Although, Avail International Consult deals with educational admission into various countries, they major in processing admissions into the United Kingdom(UK). If you are seeking admission into universities like Oxford, Newcastle Upon Tynne, Birmingham, Manchester e.t.c, This educational consultant can help you process your admission into the United Kingdom from Nigeria easy. To learn more about them, visit their official at www.availinternationalconsult.com.


5. Mainbrain International Global Education

This is another reliable education service outlet you can trust to handle your foreign admission registration process with. They also provide visa procurement to designated countries, airport pick-up and air-ticketing services. They are very reliable in helping you secure admission into universities located in United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Cyprus and so on. For more information about the services they offer, visit their official website at www.mainedu.com.

6. Student Travel International

This education consult company in Nigeria is one of the best in admission processing business. They have spent long years and have links/connections with a lot of foreign universities located in Ireland, Canada, South Africa, UK,  Malaysia, Dubai and The United States. To know more on their services, visit their official website at www.stinigeria.net.

7. Imperial Educational Services

Another exceptionally solid education administrations outlet in Nigeria. They can help you secure induction into different universities in nations like Ukraine, Hungary, Dubai, United States, Georgia, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Canada, Cyprus and others. Simply connect up with them today and they will complete the admission and registration process. For more information about their services, visit their website at www.imperialedservices.com.

8. E-Global International Education

This is also another best study abroad consultants in Nigeria. With over 150 universities partnering with them, you can be sure that they would help provide assistance to Nigerian students seeking admission into foreign universities. For inquiries on their services visit www.eglobaltechng.com.

9. Bowell Educational Services Limited

They are located in Lagos state and are reliable.This top class education consultancy services provider in Nigeria is one of the oldest in Nigeria. They also have links with universities in the United States, Russia, Georgia,  Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cyprus, UK, Singapore and Moldova. Their official website is at www.bowelleducation.com.ng.

10. Chelis Education Consult Firm

They are located in Lagos State and a leading foreign education services agency offering highly affordable education consultancy services . Chelis Education Consult Firm are partners with a number of foreign universities located in countries, like Australia, United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and Singapore. To learn more about their education consultancy services visit their official website at  www.cheliseducation.com


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