Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada (2023)

dogs in Canada

Dogs have been cherished companions to Canadians for centuries, offering unwavering loyalty, boundless affection, and unending joy. In 2023, the popularity of various dog breeds in Canada continues to evolve, reflecting changing preferences, lifestyles, and societal trends. From active outdoor enthusiasts to city-dwellers seeking companionship, the choice of dog breed can vary greatly. In this […]

Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria & Fees (2024)


Nigeria’s aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing in Africa, and the demand for skilled aviation professionals is high. As a result, there are a number of excellent aviation schools in Nigeria that offer a wide range of training programs. In the following paragraphs, we will explore which are the best aviation schools in Nigeria […]

Full List of Seasons & Weather Conditions in Canada

weather conditions in Canada

Canada is known for its diverse weather conditions, with each region experiencing its own unique climate. Whether you are a local or a tourist, understanding the seasonal changes and weather patterns is essential for planning your activities and packing appropriately. In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of the seasons and weather conditions […]

Cost of Obtaining A Work Permit in Canada as an Immigrant (2023)


If you are an immigrant applying for a work permit in Canada, there are certain costs associated with the application process. The cost of obtaining a work permit can vary depending on the type of work permit you are applying for, as well as your country of origin. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO […]

How to Apply for Work Permit in Canada as an Immigrant (2023)


As an immigrant, securing a job in Canada is a significant step towards settling down in the country. Before you can begin working in Canada, you need to obtain a work permit. In this article, we will guide you on how to apply for a work permit in Canada as an immigrant. UNDERSTANDING THE CANADIAN […]

Top 10 Biggest Oil & Gas Companies in Canada (2023)


Canada is known to have one of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. The country is home to several top-tier oil and gas companies that are continuously making significant contributions to the global energy market. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 biggest Canadian oil and gas companies. As in […]

Top 5 Best Northern States To Serve As A Youth Corper (2024)

NYSC infopedia

Are you planning to serve as a youth corper in Northern Nigeria? If so, you may be wondering which states are the best choices for a fulfilling and rewarding service year. In this article, we will explore the ideal states for youth corpers in Northern Nigeria – the top 5 best northern states to serve […]

Peter Obi & Bola Tinubu: Who is Richest?

peter obi and tinubu who is richer

Two of the most powerful politicians in Nigeria, Peter Obi and Bola Tinubu, are the subject of speculation regarding their wealth. In this article, we will delve into their financial profiles and analyze who is wealthier based on their net worth, political influence, and personal finances. PETER OBI’S PROFILE AND NET WORTH Peter Obi is […]

Bola Tinubu and Cristiano Ronaldo: Who is the Richest?


According to sources, there is a debate about the richest person between Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. We will explore their net worth, assets, and income to determine who holds the top spot. BOLA TINUBU NET WORTH AND INFLUENCE Bola Tinubu is the President of Nigeria, a prominent Nigerian politician and […]

Change of Name in Nigeria: How To Do It & Cost (2024)

change of name in Nigeria

In Nigeria, every individual has the right to legally change their name. However, there are certain exceptions to this right. To legally change your name in Nigeria, you must be an adult, as children are not allowed to change their name unless the parent or guardian does it on their behalf. Additionally, changing your name […]